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Highest paying jobs in USA - top ten

Updated on October 13, 2010

10 months ago one of the biggest online employment website in the United States with more than 23 million visitors every month announced the list of highest paying jobs and professions. This list presents only average salaries. I don't have any doubts that the best representatives of these professions earn much more, however I wanted to point out average numbers. The highest salaries list would be slighly different. The representatives of at least three professions earn more than 100 000 dollars per year. The first place of this list is taken by the most honoured and valuable professionals - doctors. The number is impressive - doctors working in America earn ten times more than doctors working in Lithuania, i.e - 147 405 dollars. Most probably the six figure number forced not one or two lithuanian doctors, who gave the oath of Hippocrates, to change their location and move to US. So, let's start from number 10.

10. Chief Programmers

If there is a programming team, then responsibility for different important projects, their design and realization lies upon one man. That man is called chief programmer. He is the one who connects all the dots and lines and knows the inside details of some particular project. He distributes tasks and supervises a group of programmers. Though chief programmer is at the bottom of top paying jobs list, his average salary is around 80 000 dollars. In 2006 there were 435 000 workers registered. The need for this profession in 2016 should be 417 000.

9. Financial Analysts

They evaluate financial position of companies and individuals and decide on the steps that should be made depending on the financial statistics and economical trends. They gather information, write reports and look at the daily, monthly and annual diagrams showing the tendencies. Average salary - 87 000 US dollars. In 2006 there were 506 000 workers and the need for 2016 is expected to be 570 000.

8. Marketing Managers

The character of their work is creating plans for specific company or organisation, foreseeing and predicting objective consumers and audience. They have to know how these objectives should be achieved. They have to be organised, skilled at multitasking and managing multiple projects at the same time. And most importantly - they must have perfect communication and management skills. The average salary - a bit over 87 000 US dollars. In 2006 there were 167 000 marketing managers and it is expected that in 2016 there will be 192 000 marketing specialists.

7. Pharmacists

Hard to believe, but according to, they do fall in the top ten of highest paying jobs.Their work character is clear - to write out prescriptions and administer medical consultations in drugstores. They provide detailed instructions for customers about the use of one or another drug. Pharmacists are also responsible for work with registers and computer systems. The average annual salary - about 90 000 US dollars. In 2006 there were 243 000 workers. The expectations for 2016 are - 296 000 workers.

6. Computer and Information Systems Managers

Information systems managers job is also in the high paying jobs list.
Their work profile involves the administration and safety of the organisation's or company's computers net.
Computer and information systems managers held about 264,000 jobs in 2006. The average income - 91 000 US dollars.

5. Physicists

Work profile - to apply physical laws, develop new theories and apply them for product development and better production process. One of the world's best known physicists is Albert Einstein. Many trained physicists apply their training in other fields, i.e - engineering, computing and finance. Physicists usually work at academical or governmental labs or private industries. Annual salary - 93 000 US dollars. In 2006 there were only 17 000 physicist. The prognosis for 2016 is 18 000 physicists.

4. Lawyers

The nature of this profession involves giving advices on the matters of law, making decisions that can influence the company's policy. The term "lawyer" can imply attorney, counsel or solicitor. The knowledge of laws and governmental rulles is a must. The average salary - 93 250 US dollars. In 2006 they held 761 000 jobs. Prognosis for 2016 is 844 000.

3. Executive Engineers or Engineering Managers

They have to supervise the work of engineers producing various products and mechanisms. They direct and plan the activities in such fields as architecture, research, constructions. The average annual income - 100 000 US dollars. In 2006 they held about 187 000 jobs. The prognosis for 2016 - 201 000 jobs.

2. Financial Directors - Chief Financial Officers

Their task - to watch over the company's budget and finance departments, prepare financial reports evaluating the financial status of specific company. The average annual salary of financial director is 116 000 US dollars. In 2006 there were 506 000 CFO's. The need in 2016 should be 570 000 financial directors.

1. Doctors

Now this term includes many occupations such as surgeons, pediatricians, anesthesiologists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists, obstetricians and gynecologists. All of them get paid well. As we can see the highest paying jobs are in the field of healthcare. It is good news for those planning to be a doctor. It is a long way to become a specialist (up to 6-8 years), but it definitely pays off. Almost all the best doctors work in private clinics and hospitals. The average annual salary of a doctor is 147 000, but many good specialists make over 200 000 dollars. In 2006 there were 633 000 doctors. It is anticipated that in 2016 this number will rise to 723 000.

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