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Highlights of BSNL

Updated on September 11, 2016
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BSNL is an acronym for Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, having a customer base of more than 93 million.

It is the oldest company to provide communication services in India, having more than 60% market share.

It's revenue generation is more than $4 billion and has total assets worth $13.32 billion.

BSNL operator has proved to be hugely dependable and trustworthy in case of severe disasters. When other networks were stopped operating, BSNL helped people to contact with their close ones such as when North Andhra Pradesh was hit by a cyclone and when Kashmir was affected by floods in 2014.

Uttrakhand was, once, affected by massive floods, which turned out to be one of the biggest disaster in the Indian history. BSNL employees contributed more than $2 million for the flood victims.

The most famous services, provided by BSNL, are landline, mobile, broadband and Wi-Fi.

ALTTC BSNL Ghaziabad Building
ALTTC BSNL Ghaziabad Building | Source

ALTTC (Government Training Center)

ALTTC, an acronym for Advanced Level Telecom Training Centre, is a training centre of BSNL, mainly centered in Ghaziabad, India.

It was formed in 1975 and is a joint venture of the Government of India with the International Telecommunication Union, Geneva and UNDP.

It trains students,mainly, in networking and communication. Additionally, it also provides a few courses for computer science students as well.

I also received my summer training in BSNL, though it has been a long time now. Here are some points from my experience:

  • The instructors are quite friendly and motivating.
  • Though the infrastructure is pretty good, but some areas need work. The place, where they used to conduct classes, was not in a good shape at that time.
  • They mentioned that the work is in progress and there would be some huge changes in the structures and facilities as some foreign batches were coming too, at that time.
  • Not forget to mention that every person in that company, from junior officers to senior ones, everyone was extremely helpful.
  • They always gave their 100% in each class.
  • Not only the instructors, but also the students in my class proved to be a great challenge. They were from all across the country and we had many things to share.
  • At the end, there was a presentation and live project demonstration that we had to give. It was a nice experience and extremely challenging at the same time.
  • One thing more, some of my hostel friends complained about the food quality. It was good for me because I was not living in the hostel. Leaving the hostel food on one side, the canteen food was pretty impressive.
  • Their Wi-Fi is extremely fast. I downloaded lots of stuff, including study material and movies.

If you wish to be a part of ALTTC BSNL, visit their site and apply. You can also apply by direct contact.

BSNL Headquarter in New Delhi, India
BSNL Headquarter in New Delhi, India | Source


What is JTO all about?

JTO is one of the highest coveted government job profiles. The person, who work as JTO, is responsible for handling and maintaining core technical aspects of the company, such as, troubleshooting, network management and network operation. Controlling such critical operations, JTO plays an important role in maintaining the smooth flow of communication via network at each node.

Selection Process

JTO (Junior Telecom Officer) is appointed by BSNL in either of the three sections, JTO Electrical, JTO Civil AND JTO Telecom.

For this job, students who have successfully completed their B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) or B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) can apply. The job is also open for those who are giving their final semester exams.


The post does not demand for GATE score, but there is an age limit, where the maximum age can not be more than 35 years.

BSNL conducts their own competitive exams, which is then followed by a personal interview and a medical test.

The JTO receives salary in the range of 16K to 40K.

Some Book References for the Exam Preparation

  • BSNL Telecom – JTO Recruitment Examination by Author: GKP, published by G K PUBLISHERS PVT. LTD.-NOIDA
  • BSNL J.T.O.Recruitment Exam 2009 by Author: Karna Satish, published by Galgotia Publications Pvt Ltd-New Delhi
  • BSNL Junior Telecom Officer (JTO) Guide 1st Edition by Author: RPH Editorial Board, published by Ramesh Publishing House

For more information and to know about the exam pattern, you can click here.


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