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Hire You... Why?

Updated on November 9, 2012

Just breath they don't own you yet...

Coping With Not Getting the Job.

By: Anastasia Vaughan

So you've dressed up,picked out your very best clothes, ironed them,and prepared your resume, left your bed earlier than usual, and walked through the doors of a potential employer armed with optimism. As you sit down for a job interview for your potential place of possible employment your nerves begin to rattle. Is this feeling of intense stomach churning butterflies even natural or are you some kind of odd ball outcast?

Being nervous on a job interview particularly one in which is suppose to pay all of your back up bills, keep food on your table, fresh unworn clothes on your back and help guide you from where you are to the retirement years of the rest of your life should be a very nerve racking experience. So if it is natural to be nervous than why do employers discriminate against nerves? It could have been that last joke you tried to tell that wasn’t funny, or the way you answered the one open-ended question that anyone in their right mind would ramble on forever about; why would they refuse to hire you?

Though my opinions are only that of person who is walking through life taking everything in on a moment by moment basis I have come to the conclusion that employers discriminate on the slightest little thing in order to make their lives easier. Perhaps the interviewer is not a good judge of character which I find when I look around a nearly half of the people who are employed on daily basis I wonder who the hell hired you? I have been to stores where the entire staff is rude without a write up in site, I have called operating lines that hung up on me because I wanted to complain about a service or product when they very well, knew that when they signed their employment papers they agreed to listen to upset people who are seeking change from anywhere they can find which why they were hired to sit by the phone for 9 to 14 hours a day to listen to you speak about something that just didn’t sit right with you. Yet in the mist of everything knowing you should be the one place of employment instead of these job placeholders doesn’t change the fact that you gave a bad interview and they didn’t. Employers often judge you by a crop of questions that anyone can fake their way through once they have enough confidence and inner clam to do it especially if they don’t need employment. The key is attempting to go in prepared, emotionally stable and not overly engaged by how badly your everyday life needs funding.

Finding a job becomes even more difficult when you have been rejected the key is not letting potential employers who missed out on having you as an opportunity steal your joy. You are a prize if only because no matter how hard you don’t work you will still yield in most fields more money for the company that they put out on your paycheck or possible benefits. Cope with not getting the job by relaxing and blocking out the reasons you need to be employed or else someone else who is not as good as you who comes with a “don’t care” attitude will be cashing your next potential paycheck.


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    • Anastasia Vaughan profile imageAUTHOR

      Anastasia Vaughan 

      6 years ago from From Miami Fl to Hollywood Fl

      Funny How I ramble on and your the one wtihout a single hub to your name. #Hater Thanls for stopping by.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      At least in this case I'm pretty sure why it's hard to get hired: Rambling and insufficient command of language.

      If you can't focus on your message, you can't convince.

      Your piece reads like stream of consciousness literature, not like a considered statement about the employment/interview process.

      If you can't use language correctly, you cannot communicate.

      Grammar, syntax and punctuation (in written texts) serve a purpose, they are not optional.

      You (almost) make some valid points, but you don't communicate them.


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