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Why Should you Hire a Concierge?

Updated on February 25, 2011

A Concierge can Do Anything

The people of London are a busy lot.  You only have to walk the streets for a few hours and you realise that almost everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere.  Of course, it isn’t just London where you can see this manic behaviour.  All across the UK, people charge around in a daze, trying to juggle their busy work lives with their personal and private obligations.  The stress levels of our nation are growing every year and the prevalence of stress-related illnesses has never been greater.  We work the longest hours in Europe, but what for?  What is the point of working all these hours, making a success of our lives and having plenty of money in the bank if we can’t take the time out and enjoy the fruits of our labour?  There are now a number of concierge services in the UK that offer help to busy people struggling to cope with both work and family commitments.

Unfortunately, too many people these days struggle on alone, desperately trying to cram everything into the working week.  It’s a sad fact, however, that the working week is all too often a seven day one!  Imagine, just for a second, the average week for a busy single mum of three, running her own business.  The day may well begin at 6am, a time when mum can have an hour to shower, check emails and do a few odds and ends before the kids wake up.  Then it’s school uniforms, showers, teeth brushing, breakfast and school bags, not to mention all of the clearing up involved after a morning getting three kids ready for school, single-handedly.  This is a standard, everyday morning and it’s not even 8.30 yet!

Mum then struggles to get the kids in the car with bags, lunches, homework and quite possibly, P.E kits.  The infamous school run then ensues and the mad dash to make it to the school gates before registration!  Mum can then head for the office, with a nine hour day at work to look forward to.  There are 17 voicemail messages at the office when she arrives and a stack of post to go through.  A client is waiting for a quote and she has four interviews from 10am to fill a vacancy for an office assistant.  Mum doesn’t realise it, but this constant, daily stress is affecting her health.

It’s now lunchtime, but there is no time for food.  Mum has a client meeting at 2.30 and needs to prepare.  Then, disaster strikes – in the form of the babysitter.  The kids won’t now be picked up from school at 3.30 as the babysitter has an alcohol induced virus!  The client meeting is cancelled, putting in jeopardy a very lucrative contract.  Mum makes it to school for 3.30 to pick the children up with the working day finished before it really got started.  It’s now back home to cook dinner, get the kids bathed, ready for bed, washing, ironing, cleaning and if mum is lucky, a glass of wine and thirty minutes with a book.  Tomorrow is a new day – and it all starts again!

This scenario is all too familiar to millions of people across London.  Balancing work life with raising a family can stretch a person to the extent that both work and the children suffer.  Fortunately, help is at hand with a personal concierge service.  Concierge services in the UK will help with almost any activity imaginable.  There is no job that is too small and they can help with anything from buying groceries to managing a house sale.  Imagine mum’s day, had she used one of London’s best concierge services.

It’s 7am and mum is still in bed.  The concierge is preparing the children’s lunches and breakfasts, as mum catches a few minutes lie-in before a very busy and hopefully, productive day.  Mum climbs out of bed and jumps into the bath that the concierge kindly prepared a few minutes beforehand.  Mum lies back and enjoys the hot bath as she hears the kids downstairs, happily chomping away on breakfast.  She then catches up on some emails and prepares herself for some interviews and a very important client meeting.

Mum likes to say farewell to the children at the school gates so always insists on taking them.  The concierge stays back to tidy and clean the house after a busy and hectic morning.  Mum finally arrives at work and is delighted to see that the concierge has checked the voicemails and listed all the necessary call-backs.  There is a hot cup of coffee on the desk and a Danish pastry awaits destruction!  The day’s schedule is sitting on the computer screen and the next hour is free to return calls.

Mum is on her own for the interviews so the concierge takes notes on each candidate and offers advice on who to choose.  The babysitter can’t pick up the kids, but there’s no worry as the concierge heads off to the school, leaving mum to attend her crucial client meeting.  Mum gets home at 6pm after a very productive day and is delighted to see the kids have been fed, bathed and intently completing their homework.  The concierge has sourced a new babysitter who has proper credentials and is completely reliable.

Mum reads the kids a goodnight story, kisses each one gently on the forehead and whispers ‘night, night.’  It’s 8PM and the concierge has finally left.  Having the concierge to help out twice a week, gives mum the chance to look after her business and spend quality time with her kids.  Now it’s time for a glass of wine and the rest of that book!

This is the difference a concierge can make.  Many people don’t realise, but a London concierge can help with absolutely anything.  They can take the strain by managing a household, buying a car, selling a house, arranging a house move or simply helping with the children.  It may be a one-off request, or something more permanent.  No one should be ashamed of asking for a little help and with affordable UK concierge services, help is always at hand!


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