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Hiring Tips for Choosing a Babysitter Online

Updated on December 16, 2014

Make an informed choice for an online sitter with the tools and techniques outlined here

Use an online babysitter service with these tips

Anyone thinking of using an online babysitting service needs to consider several factors prior to making a final choice. An online sitter service is appealing and the popularity has grown tremendously in recent years.

As a parent one of the most important responsibilities is making certain children are safe and secure. Finding a qualified babysitter or nanny to care for children is taking these responsibilities seriously. There are hiring tips to assure the job is done correctly when electing to find a babysitter online.

The right nanny, sitter or au pair or similar caregiver to nurture and care for little ones is a daunting task. It is imperative the time and investigative sources needed to make an informed decision are invested. This is a person being asked to come into the home and personally care for kids at the same standards provided by parents.

Whether the need is for one night out or five days a week, the same care is taken in choosing the right candidate. Knowing what to look for in this individual is extremely valuable. Following these hiring tips and techniques for online sitters is more than helpful for a number of parents dedicated to the very best care for their children.

1) Don’t pick just one

Start the process with selecting at least two or three contenders. Do not immediately narrow the selection down to just one caretaker. There is always the possibility someone looks extremely good on paper and for whatever reason simply doesn’t work out.

The worthy nominee is a bust for a variety of reasons in some circumstances. Things such as being unable to verify references or the hours not coinciding with the schedule needed. There is never a sure thing and no way to know in advance for sure if the single choice will work out in the end or if you a second or third selection will be required for consideration.

2) Review the references for a sitter

Character references are important for any job and caring for children is no exception. References are essential and considered fairly weighty for any employee selected to care for a loved one. Not only read in detail any recommendations provided, but investigate them.

At the very least make a phone call to the person or company to obtain verification of the actual info given or noted in a babysitter resume.

Ask if it’s okay to speak directly with other parents who have used the online sitter’s services. Visiting with other parents helps to form an opinion of the individual’s character and work ethic. The questions formed are of great magnitude in making the final decision. Always make certain they are never any a person would not feel comfortable asking the employee personally.

Generally online sitter services have other parent’s reviews for a sitter posted online. If they are truly a testimonial of character and work ethic, a phone call quickly confirms it. No matter how good someone looks on paper, the actual individual may not work out as well after reviewing reference material.

There are even personal or home drug testing kits available for any parent with a preference to have a babysitter drug tested before making a hiring decision.

3) Good decisions take time

Dedicate a fair amount of time to making a pick. These are prominent selections never coming very easy. Taking the time overnight to sleep on a final decision is okay. Lots of times these paramount selections and not quickly made. Until actually seeing the person at work and feeling satisfied with the care of the children a decent night’s sleep doesn’t typically come.

Permit at least a couple of weeks to interview people, evaluate endorsements and make a final decision. Even though the process seems to go fast, not having a rush on a choice is a good thing. Additional questions or concerns come up sometimes and having the interval to examine these before a job is a good deal.

Never wait to the last minute to locate a good one. Last minute decisions are sometimes rushed without having all the facts or seeing everything possible.

Discuss discipline before the job starts with kids and the caregiver.

4) Make in-person interviews before hiring

It is tempting to do everything online and never meet the person doing the work until the first day on the job. This is not a practice worthy of children.

Even though an online service is being used and the leg work for the hiring process is mostly done via the web, in person interviews are vital to the selection process. Don’t wait until the day the job commences to meet the caretaker. Face to face meetings are valuable and done before the first day of employment.

Meetings done face to face tells people things about each other not found with electronic communications. Body language is extremely important to interaction. Asking questions and answers via email or online is okay, but in-person discussions convey a lot more than any written response reveals.

5) Let children meet the babysitter before the job begins

The babysitter is actually providing services for children, not adults. Adults are paying the fee, but a child giving an input or opinion is critical and a key element. It is essential for kids to get together with the person spending time at their house caring for them. Interactions between the two are observed after introductions and helps assist with choosing a person as well.

Babysitters and nannies meeting their wards before start day is a less stressful job for everyone from the start. Small children feel the most anxious in these types of situations. Leaving them alone with a stranger for the first time without parents around is a recipe for disaster. This doesn’t have to be several hours, but some parents enjoy dinner or lunch for observation.

If lunch or dinner appear to be too much, even a half hour together is wonderful. It is a good weight for a decision to hire or not. As a parent observe if a positive connection is made. Does the child intensely like or dislike the babysitter? Is the sitter comfortable with the child? Talk to the kids about their feelings afterward and listen to what they have to say.

6) Discuss discipline guidelines

Discussing discipline guidelines beforehand makes certain everyone is on the same page for the rules. This is only an issue worth talking about for older children where discipline is warranted. Yet, there are sometimes when the terrible twos need a little as well.

Reviewing the guidelines for punishment with both the sitter and child means no misunderstandings or confusion with this important point.

In conclusion

Making a personal choice of who to select for the job is sometimes scary. The entire process all around is intimidating for some people. However, with a little help and information feeling better about the final choice helps parents rest easier while away their child. These are tips supplying knowledge and know how to see that happen.

A quiet thought about the process as a whole

Parents get chance to see how a child and sitter act together with one another if this takes place before first babysitting job. If things do not go well with an encounter a decision to hire a person needs to be reexamined.

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    • kimberlie33 profile image

      Kimberlie Kacan 5 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      I've been thinking of looking into a sitter who is not a family member for my daughter and this hub will definitely come in handy. Great information and great hub!