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History And Development Of Ecommerce Website Development In India

Updated on March 13, 2013

An Overview

The world saw a major revolution in the name of the internet. The advent of the internet made numerous changes in the way people around the globe think and function and also made life a lot simpler for mankind. It completely revolutionized all aspects of human life from communication and marketing to business and commerce. After the advent of the internet, another major revolution for most businesses was the coming of eCommerce platforms. It completely changed the way goods and services are purchased or sold.

ECommerce Platforms Have Gone A Long Way In Benefiting Businesses As Well As Consumers

With the help of eCommerce platforms, both businesses and consumers benefited in a huge way.

· Businesses are now provided with a huge market where international boundaries do not exist and the scope to expand rapidly with the help of eCommerce is tremendous. Another major feature is that this service is made available to business at extremely low costs which has helped most businesses curb down on their extravagant spending budgets for marketing and promotion.

· Consumers have also been majorly benefitted by eCommerce platforms as they do not need to run from one place to the other to get the best prices and products. With the help of these platforms, they can now simply order for goods and services of their choice at the click of a button.

The History OfEcommerce Website Development In India

Ever since the opening up of the Indian economy in 1991, there has been a tremendous need for the proper facilitation of international trade. This is where eCommerce played an extremely important role as it gave businesses and consumers the freedom to play with the world markets and also gain access to products and services from around the world. While the first origins of eCommerce in the country can be traced back to the early 1960’s when the electronic computers entered the Indian markets, it did not become popular up until the opening of the Indian economy and development of the World Wide Web. Once the concepts of eCommerce were popularized, the country saw a tremendous boom in the rise of various website development companies that sprung up in all parts of the country. Over the years, the quality of these web development companies has tremendously improved and they are now able to compete with top companies around the world for businesses of various eCommerce website owners.

Development Of Ecommerce Website Development In India

In the modern day, eCommerce is a household name and is an integral part of the functioning of the Indian economy. There are various website developers who have evolved with times to allow businesses such as travel portals, banks, gifts and accessories, fashion and clothing, real estate and the stock market to grow unidirectional without any glitches. The high level of quality and thought process used in the formation of these websites also ensure that they are able to function efficiently over a period of time and without glitches.


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