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Holding businesses accountable

Updated on December 19, 2013

Today we as individuals need to hold businesses accountable for their actions involving such examples of products not meeting expectations or advertised quality. Services performed also fall into this same situation. Businesses depend on their customers and if we do not complain about product or service deficiencies they will never know. In addition we need to inform them when we have a good experience.

Holding businesses accountable in terms of their products and services is not the only aspect involving accountability in the business environment. It is also a matter of integrity principles in making the right decisions not just for the company but for the consumers who cater to their company. We have seen in the past examples of where companies have cooked the books to put it mildly to make it appear they are financially sound. When this was found to be false the reputation of the company suffered. When this takes place it is a difficult path to get the reputation back.

We as consumers buy many products and services from a wide variety of companies and organizations some of which are highly inexpensive and we feel it is not worth the trouble to make a fuss. This kind of philosophy is bad in that companies count on this kind of response so they are not forced to make corrections in their product processes or the quality of their services.

The need to hold companies accountable are no less important than holding our politicians accountable for the actions or inactions they take. While the actions or inactions of our elected officials impact the country and in some cases personally the actions or inactions of businesses impact us in a personal way if we use their products and/or services.

Competition today in this global environment has greatly impacted businesses around the world and holding businesses accountable should not be limited to our country but to companies around the world. Companies who maintain a high standard for their products and services will do well in this global environment but those who ignore their known problems within the company will be hurting. Businesses must listen to the feedback of customers both the good and the bad if they are going to be a viable force in the business environment of today.

We are important to the businesses from which we purchase products and/or services and as such it should not make any difference whether the product is a throwaway type of product or an expensive one. We need to voice our complaints for any product or service with which we are not satisfied. Companies rely on customer feedback to improve their products and/or services and if they do not hear from their customers they think everything is fine and it gives them a false sense of security. Complaints generated by consumers or in some cases actions by government forces businesses to make corrections to their process. Sometimes it involves a safety issue while in other cases it may involve a product which does not meet the standards we expect when we purchase them.

The money we spend is limited today for many individuals with just keeping up with our necessities. Companies need to understand that there are other companies who furnish the same kinds of products and services and if we are not happy we can go elsewhere. Let us keep those companies who furnish the products or service with which we have been satisfied informed when we have issues with the products or services. Informing companies about issues help them to be better prepared for their competition around the world and makes them stronger. The more companies in our country produce a better product or service than their competitors in this global environment increases the potential for more secure jobs not less. The side effect of informing businesses about issues is positively impacting our society through better products and services.


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