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Home Business Jungle

Updated on December 1, 2008

Navigating the Maze

As an unemployed construction manager, for the 5th time, I decided that I would stop the insanity and find a real work from home business opportunity and get off the broken carousel which the construction industry has become, at least for me. I owned a company for almost 20 years earlier in my working career, and as it turns out, that is the longest stretch of employment I ever had. My plan was to use the internet, find an opportunity, and then work it. I did not set out to get rich in 6 months, or never talk to a customer, or have some super system that was fully automatic and all I had to do was count the money which would pour in. The more I explored the "opportunities", the more confused I got. I felt like I was trapped in a morass of rip offs and hype that had no end. I got so involved in looking at the endless pop-ups for another good deal that I had to start a list to try and not go to the same thing time after time. This wasn't the plan I had envisioned for reducing my stress level and finding some stability. I wanted an opportunity to be paid for my performance and results, and after 6 months I felt as far away as ever from reaching that goal in a home business opportunity.

After 10 months I think I've decided that some networking program is the best opportunity to earn substantial income, hopefully with some residual income as well. Limiting myself only to looking at network marketing opportunities I still find myself playing in quick sand. There are so many plans for so many products at so many price points that it is very hard to make what you feel is the best decision financially. I've started to narrow this mine field by making a priority list of what I'm interested in, what I think I might enjoy doing, and what it does for others, customers as well as those involved in the business with me. I've found a program and product that interest me, and I feel offer real value to the end user. The company founder is very strong and has a strong founding team in place. All I have to do now is figure out who to trust in the guru field to help me promote and pursue this business in the way that offers the best chance for building a real team of professionals who want to be successful, and in turn help me be successful as well.

What I've learned through this journey is kind of simple minded, but I think it's worth sharing, because I am convinced that it will work in many facets of our lives as we pursue our goals and dreams. My short list is below.

1. If you try and help others, you may well end up helping yourself.

2. If you offer real benefit for others, you may benefit as well.

3. If you offer value and honesty in your dealings with others, you may receive the same in return.

4. Approaching your business on a me too, instead of a me first basis, may be very beneficial to you in the long term.

5. Set realistic goals, allow realistic time to meet them, and then expand and add to them as you increase your knowledge and your income.

6. Be skeptical, but don't guarantee your failure because you think everything is a scam. Be prepared to sift through a lot of loose dirt to find that nugget that will set on your path to success, but when you think you have it, move forward.

7. You must ACT on what you learn and what you decide to do. The best plan in the world won't do much for you if it's on a shelf in your closet or pushed under your bed.

8. Your attitude and actions will be the ultimate deciding factor in your success or failure. Decide to be successful, decide to succeed, take action to make it happen, and see where you are 12 months from now. I know you can do it, because I can to.


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