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Finding a New Home Business Opportunity Lead the Easy Way

Updated on October 11, 2012

What do you Want From Your Business?

I have been writing about business opportunities, working from home, earning money on the Internet and other related subjects for some time. Writing about a subject means that you are carrying out research so that each time you write you can hopefully come up with something newer and better than the last time. Carrying out research means that hopefully you become more knowledgeable in that subject.

With the idea of trying to find a home business or an income opportunity that allows you to either supplement your existing job or even replace it, it is often the case that a person is dissatisfied with the position that they are in and are seeking to change it. It must be one of the largest consumer groups in the world - people looking for home business opportunity leads.

What I have found is that an awful lot of energy is used up by a massive number of people trying to find some way of earning money. They will also spend large sums on various get rich quick schemes and other programs that seemingly guarantee you regular income often for very little work. There is a massive market place of people ready to support the usual entrepreneurs that will make lots of money from them in this way.

The original reason that Business Opportunity Market was set up was to try to sort through a lot of the business opportunities out there, provide information about real schemes and expose the obvious scams. It was hoped that by raising awareness about Internet marketing scams and other areas of sharp practice that people would know what to look for, what questions to ask and what realistically was involved when seeking to set up a business - whether sideline or full time.

Therefore, if you want to earn more money then I suggest that you do massive amounts of research. I have decided to review all the research that I have done over the past year or so and summarise some of the ideas and concepts that seem to be emerging in my own mind in the business development marketplace.

To Use the Internet or Not?

Many people looking to work from home or set up a new business will consider the Internet - not as a tool to help their business but as the business itself. The scale of the Internet and the amount of money that is paid out to web site owners in the form of Internet Marketing fees is astronomical. Add to this stories of people who make millions from affiliate marketing businesses, or other businesses based on the Internet (but not directly retailing any product) and you will see why so many are attracted.

Like many people I suffer from spam emails. Fortunately I do not get the unpleasant type very often but I do seem to be on the lists of people being targeted by Internet Marketing Program sellers. Every day I receive at least one email, often more, with news of a new scheme to make money on the Internet. The claims go like this:

" must check this out, I couldn't believe ity myself until I gave it a go! This failsafe method of earning at least $2,305 per day on autopilot is fantastic. I had been looking for a reputable business for over two years without success and now I want to share this great find with you..."

This sort of email, and the variations of dialogue are often very clever, will no doubt encourage many desperate business seekers to click on the link. I have not done so yet as I have learned that there is only one way to make money on the Internet without setting up a retail shop selling real merchandise or services - and that is to invest time, money and effort into the venture.

So when choosing to set up an Internet based business - or to set up a conventional business - either choice will involve similar investments.

I have looked at the alternatives of setting up a high street shop or a shop selling a similar product based on the Internet. I have looked at the possibility of becoming a tropical fish breeder from my home. I have looked at becoming a consultant developing skills that I used in my conventional career. All these business opportunities require time, money and hard work - why then do you think an Internet Marketing business would be any different?

The Solution?

Do not set your goals too high - this might sound like contrary advice when you consider the following:

"...the problem is not that people set their goals too high and fail to achieve them but that they set them too low and never amount to much..."

I think it was MIchelangelo who said this - but although I agree in principal I would suggest where you are attempting to delve into the area of earning an income from home you should try a modest idea, test it out, earn a little and get confidence and experience. If you do it this way you will find that your business grows and develops naturally. However, if you do what most aspiring business builders do and dabble in a number of different programs, surf the web constantly looking for new ideas and never concentrate on one - then you will fail for sure.

Try this - set yourself up a wordpress blog for nothing - add fresh content regularly. Build back links adding one or two every day. If you do your research and get it right you could be earning $1 per day easily after about three or four months for perhaps a half hours work every day. After a year or so this might grow to a couple or more $. Not a lot I agree, and it will depend on how carefully you choose your web site subject. But doing this will teach you tons about Internet Marketing, will pay for itself and might even pay for dinner once a month! It might encourage you to scale up - or you might find you are unable to comit to the regular work needed to promote your site.

Hopefully food for thought. For those with the luxury of a solid business idea then the advice is to get on with it - pervarication is the cause of most business failure (i.e. you never get that good idea off the ground).

Beware of fraudsters!

Take care! Trying to make money looking for the best home based business opportunity leads brings you into contact with others trying to do the same. Unfortunately not everyone is as honest as most and this "industry" seems to attract more than its fair share of those who want an easy ride.

So don't get caught out. If it is too good to be true then it is likely a fraud. I investigate fraud through my business Mark Jenner & Co and all too often see those who are too trusting, too optimistic and who do not do their due diligence before embarking on a venture.


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