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Home Computer Business Real or Unreal

Updated on August 6, 2013

Home Computer Business Real or Unreal

Home Computer Business Real or Unreal

week one

by Chuck RitenouR

For months, I have been bombarded by emails promising fantastic incomes while working at home. Curiosity finally got the better of me. I read an unbelievable tale about a young woman living in Winchester, Virginia. After a minor initial investment of $97.00 and about 10 hours a week was now making over $5,000. a month using this program. When I checked the website, it boldly stated that the retail price of admission was over $197.00, but if I acted now I would be able to "join" the ranks of thousands of like minded people who were making money at this very minute. OK, I know that "one" is born every second and I readily admit that I felt as if a huge lollipop was hanging above my head. I used one of my credit cards and clicked. I can almost hear you moaning.

As soon as I clicked the submit payment button, I was urged to upgrade at an additional cost. I clicked the "not interested' button. Once again, I was urged to purchase several additional materials at additional payments. I clicked "not interested" on all of these valuable services also. I was beginning to feel very uneasy about having just thrown away $97.00

Finally, I was welcomed into the members only area. I was shown a page with twelve weeks worth of lessons. They were Getting Started, Secret Blogging Tactics,Google Adwords Training, Google Training-Expert Tips,Viral & Social Marketing, New Marketing Channels, Affiliate Marketing,Landing Pages, SEO & Keywords, Winning In Business, Google Adsense, and Email Marketing.

I eagerly clicked on getting started. I was promted to complete a list of 12 things to do. "During the next 7 days we are going to get you set-up with all the tools you need before we start your training. You need ensure you have completed all of these tasks before moving onto next week’s topic." I read it over and over...You need ensure...I'm not certain but I believe there should be the word "to" in front of ensure....a very bad omen.

First, I was urged to register with a "Startup Specialist" if I called within 48 hours of joining the call would be free and I'd receive "an in-depth personal assessment of your current financial state, financial goals, and future in business." Normally, this "mentor" or "coach" charges $395 and hour. I went back to original email and found no mention of upgrades or mentors. I discovered that the startup specialist would "complete a profile of where you are right now, and assist you in developing a plan to acheive your financial goals. To see if you qualify to work with an APS expert business coach on a one-on-one basis. Now, to qualify for the success team, we need 3 important things: time investment, financial investment and knowledge. It continued "A Startup Specialist is waiting to hear from you! Call now to qualify for our exclusive business coaching program and your Startup Specialist will help you develop a custom tailored plan to achieve financial success. Your Specialist will help you set and achieve personal goals that will send you on the path to skyrocketing your income. Coaching and mentoring has been the backbone behind the prosperity of millions of wealthy and successful individuals. Coaching is a practice that has been around since the beginning of mankind, however few people truly understand it's potential. Those who do understand it, have been able to acheive many incredible feats.What do Tony Robbins, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Phelps, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Tyra Banks, Bill Clinton, and many other successful people have in common? You guessed it! They all have mentors and coaches that they communicate with on a daily basis! But even more importantly, they understand the value in exchanging ideas, concepts, and experiences with people who are more knowledgeable than they are in a specific field. They often refer to these people as their "inner circle" or mentors. In fact, coaching has become such a phenomenon that even coaches have coaches! That just goes to show how vital it is to your success in business and in life. If you knew better you would do better, right? Actions speak louder than words and if your current situation is any indication of how much you know in comparison to the individuals above, we ask you to please pick up your phone and call us toll-free." I began wondering if the real money was in coaching others to spend $397 every few weeks or even once a month. Coaching 10 desperate people looking for a way out of the "rat race" one hour a month would gross $3,970.00. I was beginning to wonder what percentage of that actually reached the coach. I stared at the smiling male face that represented a startup specialist and thought to myself.....he was wearing a smile that would break an honest face. I called the toll free number. The first time, it rang twice and gave me a busy signal. The second time, I was greeted by an operator who transferred me to a startup specialist. Simon asked me a few questions and sooner than I expected got to the "You got spend money to make money" routine. He asked about my credit, how many credit cards I had and if I had available credit. When I told him I was not interested in investing large amounts of cash on the possibility of making a large income at some future date....the line went dead. I had given my cell phone number on the application, but had made my initial call from my home cell phone was across town charging. Well since my "mentor" had vanished, I moved on down the list. I didn't imagine Simon was frantically trying to reach me on the charging phone. Well maybe, but I was fixing my elderly parents a meatloaf, mashed potatoes and fried cabbage for dinner and a drive across town at this time was not possible. So, it was on to number two.

Next, I was urged to set up my very own web hosting account at for a mere $7.95 a month. Let's see that's $95.40 for a year, but if you sign up for 36 months it will only cost you $3.95 a month which is $47.40 a year totalling $142.20. I wondered how much of this fee goes to the person owning the link I clicked on to join....hummmm. I'll have to decide just how deep down the rabbit hole I'm willing to go before spending more money.

Following the list, I next was prompted to open a "PayPal"Premier Account. Much to my surprise there were no hidden fees. The setup was very easy... just follow the prompts. You must read and agree to the PayPal agreement. That sounded too easy. I googled PayPal Premier and after about five minutes, I had an account. It did not cost anything initially. However, when someone bought something from you, PayPal received a small percentage. It all looked very reasonable and could have other uses should I lose interest in becoming independently well off.

I went upstairs to check the meatloaf. It was smelling yummy. My recipe calls for 2 pounds of 90% lean ground beef, 3/4 pound of fresh sausage, 2 eggs, a half cup of milk, and a third of a cup of Italian bread crumbs. I add a dash of this, a pinch or two of that. After mixing it all together by hand, I let it set in a pan ready for the oven for about 2 hours. Then into the oven it goes at 350 degrees for about an hour and a half. No, I don't use catsup nor tomato paste. After the meatloaf has been in the oven for about an hour, I cut seven good size potatoes into small pieces and boil them until they are almost soft. I leave them in the hot water, while I work on the cabbage. One small head of cabbage has been sliced into quarter inch shavings by my 83 year old father. With a small glob of bacon grease...that's right bacon grease, it is put in a large covered iron skillet over a medium heat. When the meatloaf is almost done, I cut the oven off. I then drain the potatoes and place a half of stick of butter in them to melt. I use a hand held mixer to whip the potatoes adding small amounts of whole milk to them until they reach a smooth whipped texture. I then I check the cabbage stirring it around abit. Once it is soft, I turn the heat off. I set the table. They are hungry and remind me of starving children fresh from the play ground. While Dad does the clean up, I slip down to my pc and start my article about my new home computer business.

Well, I have completed one of twelve goals for the first week. I suppose contacting a reluctant mentor doesn't really count. I have not received my hosting as yet maybe tomorrow..Today has cost me $97.00, but I swear I can feel myself being sucked into the vortex.

The author is sitting at his "work shop" dreaming of making tons of money.....actually, I thinking of the great big meatloaf sandwich smoothered in globs of Helman's Mayo tonight before going to bed.
The author is sitting at his "work shop" dreaming of making tons of money.....actually, I thinking of the great big meatloaf sandwich smoothered in globs of Helman's Mayo tonight before going to bed. | Source


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    • Chuck RitenouR profile image

      Chuck RitenouR 7 years ago from Front Royal, Virginia


      anyone who knows me knows I'm not very business oriented.

      I began wondering how these "businesses" worked. I've been told I have the curiosity of a child.

    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 7 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      I have looked into deals since way before the internet. Some have merely transferred to the internet from the print media. So far I have not found any winners. Maybe I wasn't bold enough.

    • mimiiam2carly profile image

      Jeanne Stapf 7 years ago from Front Royal, VA

      Yikes!! Be careful!! BTW dinner sounds yummy!!!!!