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At Home Sales Consultant Party Games

Updated on August 18, 2015

Sales Consultant Party Games

If you've decided to become a sales consultant, you're going to run into times where you have to have a home party. These are great because they give you the opportunity to come into contact with more people, which will get your product(s) out there and your name associated with them.

You may have people at your work, church, or child's school who may want to host a party, inviting their friends and family, and have you bring along your products, games, and expertises so that they can earn themselves a nice bonus for the sales, and of course to help you out.

There are many benefits for throwing a sales party, for both you and the hostess, but you want to make sure that the party is fun and memorable, so that the guests will want to host their own party for you to introduce your products to a new group of people. The more fun you can make the party, the beneficial it will be because more people will want to host them with you.

Games are a fun way to make the party memorable.

You don't want to overload the party with games, but a few doesn't hurt. Some consultants just like to have one game in the beginning so that the guests can loosen up and really start mingling. Sometimes when you through home parties, not everyone knows each other, so a nice icebreaker game to get everyone talking is great.

There are many different home parties that you can throw as a sales consultant, but keeping it fun and simple is always best. Try to incorporate team games, as well as an individual game. Offer prizes for the winners, whether it be a discount on their purchase or a product.

Try to incorporate your theme or the products that you're selling into your games, which will bring everything together.

Polka Dots Party
Polka Dots Party

Party Games

  • Early Bird Game

As everyone is walking in, hand them a piece of paper with the alphabet written/typed on the left side going down the page. As the guests arrive and you hand them their paper, tell each guest to write down as many people that they know to match the entire alphabet, and the guest with the most names wins a prize.

Once everyone has arrived, explain to them that you will decide the winner further into the party, but until then you have a few other games where everyone will have chances to win prizes, great snacks to munch on, and fun stuff to look at and browse.

When you're ready to go over the names, you'll find that there may not be too many people who have filled in the entire sheet because of the letters Q, X, Y, and Z, but that really doesn't matter because, as you'll explain to the winner they've won a prize and what the prize is. What the real prize is that, as you'll explain to all the guests they all have a nice guest list to host their own parties. Then proceed to explain what it takes to be a hostess of a sales party, and how it benefits them.

Make sure that you do this before you really start taking orders, because those guests who decide to go ahead and book a party, will be offered a free gift or discount on their order.

This game, helps the party hostess meet the goals for the party, and it helps you, as the consultant, make your commission. The game, also, helps you for future sales and more parties.

  • Icebreaker Game

There's always a game to break the ice and to get everyone talking and mingling a little better. There are many different games that you may want to implement for your party, and depending on what theme you may choose, you can really individualize the game, even if you play with the same basic premise at every party that you throw. For this basic icebreaker game, have all of your guests pick a balloon from a bowl, and once everyone has their balloon, tell the group, that the first to blow up and pop their balloon is the winner, and will receive a gift. This is a great icebreaker, as it really gets people comfortable with each other and laughing.

  • How Well Do You Know Your Hostess?

This can be a group game or an individual one. Basically have a series of questions about the hostess to ask, make sure if you opt for it to be a group game, to have a longer list of questions, but if playing individually, 10 questions will be fine. The questions should be basic questions about the hostess. Have each group or person write down the answers to the question, and once all of the questions have been asked, have the hostess give all the right answers. The one who has the most correct answers, is the winner.

Sample questions may include the hostess' favorite color, hobby, movie, food, or animal.

There are many different questions that you may want to include in the list. It's fun to stick with questions according to what you're selling and even your theme. For example, if you're selling cooking products, such as with Tastefully Simple, you may want to ask food related questions like the hostess' favorite place to eat, favorite meat, vegetable, dessert, etc.

  • What's in Your Bag?

You can take this one one of two basic ways, really. If you're hosting a party that's geared toward women, such as makeup, purses, etc, you can use their purses. Otherwise, if there will be a mix of men and women, you'll want to try something a little different.

For just women, have the women get in a group of 3-6 people, depending on how many people will be at the party. Have a list ready of things to search for, whether that be things you've already picked, such as red lipstick, nail file, discount card, or dental floss, or whether it just be a list with the alphabet and the guests have to find one thing per letter of the alphabet. However you decide to play the game, give the teams so long to find as many things on the list between their purses, and the group with the most wins a prize. If by some chance there is a tie, you'll want to have a list of say 5-10 items that aren't as common to have on a daily basis, but that some women may have.

If you're hosting a party where men and women may be attending, you may have to reconfigure the game a bit. This could be a fun way to blend in your product with the game. Have the teams of 3-6 people complete a list related to the products you're selling by searching the room, their purse, wallet, etc for things that may relate to the list you've created.


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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for your good ideas to create a business and income

    • Juliette Morgan profile image

      Juliette Morgan 7 years ago

      Hi you really have come up with some good ideas - I don't give these parties but I love to go to them and always buy. Must say I prefer the girly parties, especially lingerie or cosmetics. Thanks for interesting hub.