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At Home Sales Consultant Party Themes

Updated on August 18, 2015

Home Sales Consultant Parties

If you've decided to be a home sales consultant, you'll find that your most important goal is to get your friends, family, coworkers, and whoever you know to host parties for you to bring your products along.

In order to get more people wanting to host a party with you, you'll want to make sure that your parties are the best. You want fun games, great foods and snacks, a relaxed atmosphere, and a fun theme.

The idea behind a themed party is to create something that the guests will remember and talk about come the following workday. You want the buzz about your products to be a good one. You want to hear rumor such as, "Did you hear about the great Razzle Dazzle party we went to this weekend, I'm thinking about hosting a party with Jane. I had so much fun at the one she had at Sue's house." You don't want to hear that your party was boring, so you want to make things interesting, but I wouldn't recommend making the party to risky.

When throwing a themed party for your home consultant business, you want  to have the invitations to match the themes, the games, and the snacks.

Create a theme book with game ideas, snacks, invitation samples, and other ideas. Let your hostess choose a theme from your theme book.

Sales Consultant Home Party Themes

Depending on what you're selling, you'll find that there are many different themes that would better suit your product. A few ideas for home party themes may include, but are not limited to the following.

Warm Spirit Spa Party
Warm Spirit Spa Party
  • Baby Shower- Great theme if you sell baby and children's toys, clothes, and products. Have tons of blues and pinks and baby stuff as decorations.
  • Bridal Shower- This is great if you know someone who is getting married soon. Through a party with the bride's friends, family, and other guests, and have a bridal/wedding theme. This party theme is great for various women's gifts and products. You may be find yourself the seller of the bride's gifts to her bride's maids.
  • Budgeting Party- This is great for any product. You want to find the best and most popular products under a certain price ($25 works well), and feature them at your party.
  • Cash and Carry- This is a great party idea for when you want to get rid of your overstock and make room for the new season's products. Discount the products so that you can clean out, but make sure that you can still make your profits.
  • Catalogue Party- These are simple and you don't have to worry about buying snacks or refreshments. All you have to do is get several books ready all with order forms attached to them. Pass the catalogues out at work, church, or wherever. Make sure to have the names and numbers along with the order so that you can call for verification about any questionable item or order.
  • Couples Cooking- Great if you're selling food products such as with Tastefully Simple or Dove Chocolates
  • Dinner and a Movie- This sets a fun atmosphere. You can do lunch or dinner, serving something cheap like a pizza, but make sure that you have plenty of popcorn and snacks for the movie. Let everyone eat while you talk and do your thing, and then let everyone mingle, watch the movie, and order their products.
  • Mens Only Cooking- Again great for selling products for food and in the kitchen
  • Multi-Product Event- Get different sales consultants that you know together, and host a big party with anything and everything in-between. You may have a Mary Kay consultant at the party with a Thirty One consultant, an Adora Spa consultant, Petlane, and even a Tealightful Treasures consultant all at the party.
  • Spa Party- This is great if you're selling beauty and spa products. Have everyone wear comfortable clothes and robes, as though they're going to the spa. Have candles, aroma therapy sounds, and an overall relaxing atmosphere ready when they get there.


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