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At Home Sales Consultant Party Tips

Updated on October 5, 2010

Home Party Consultant

If you've chosen to become a party consultant, selling products, you'll want to consider that home parties are going to be one of your biggest and best times selling products. You will make the most money when your friends and family want to host a party helping you to sell your products, no matter what the products are.

Your host gets a gift, and you make money selling top rated things, whether that's pots and pans, tupperware, purses, makeup, pet products, cooking products, or green products.

When you get a group of people together, you're bound to make some sales.

You want to have fun and be prepared.

Below, are a few tips when running a home party.

Mary Kay Party
Mary Kay Party

Home Party Tips

In Preparation:

  • Make sure that you have extra catalogs. You want to have plenty to pass around to the people attending the party, but you want to make sure that you have extras in case they want to take on home or to a friend.
  • Order a few products beforehand. You want to have products on hand to show your guests. You want them to see how great your products are. Without having something there for them to see, they may not be as willing to buy what you're selling.
  • Have your party games ready. You want to be organized, so don't spring things up out of the blue. Make sure that you have all your party games and prizes ready for the party.
  • Get all your supplies ready and placed in one spot so that you don't forget anything. You want to have your game supplies and prize with your catalogues, extra products, order forms, pens and pencils, and anything else you want to bring.

Your Hostess:

  • Make sure that you plan with your hostess. Know what gift he/she wants, and make sure that you explain how to reach that gift.
  • Have a date and time planned that suits you and your hostess.
  • Make sure that you tell your hostess to write down everyone that should be invited, so that no one is missed or forgotten.
  • With your hostess decide upon a fun theme (if you want to have themed parties).
  • Decide what food and snacks to offer. Try to keep things according to the theme, if the party will be themed.
  • Call your hostess the day before to make sure that everything is still ready to go.

Miscellaneous Home Party Consultant Tips

  • Write down all your gas and mileage counts so that you have everything ready come tax season.
  • Keep a list of any supplies that you had to purchase throughout the year.
  • Keep a notebook of ideas for party themes and games.
  • Deliver the products sold at your home parties yourself. Don't rely on the hostess. This will give you a good repertoire.

You want to keep your home sales parties fun and relaxed. When you make the party based on the product only, then people are going to feel uncomfortable and forced to buy. If you keep the tone relaxed, like a general get-together, people will be more susceptible to asking questions and buying.

In a way, it's like buying a car. If you harass the potential customer, they're more willing to walk away and talk to another salesman.

Let people look around, talk, mingle, eat, browse the catalogue, and then see if there's anything you can do. Or, just let them come to you.


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      Lashae B 3 years ago

      Okay that's was great tips ...

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      A very interesting idea with good tips how to do it. Thank you