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Feng Shui Office Decorating & Organizing

Updated on December 20, 2013
Sustainable Sue profile image

Susette comes from a big family, where she learned early on about good health maintenance. She eats, works, and lives as "green" as she can.

Ready to feng shui before moving in. If your work requires interaction with the public, place the home office to the right of the front door.
Ready to feng shui before moving in. If your work requires interaction with the public, place the home office to the right of the front door. | Source

Anyone who works at home has challenges that others don't have, one of which is the relaxing home environment. When one relaxes, guards come down and outside influences are stronger, which can be positive or negative, depending on how the environment matches your reason for being in it.

We are affected energetically by the objects around us and by how they are organized. By understanding the nature of that influence, we can make subtle changes that lead us toward greater success in life. The principles of feng shui can help you create the kind of home office environment that influences you toward success.

Practical Feng Shui for Business
Practical Feng Shui for Business

This is my favorite feng shui instruction book. It's well organized, informative, and can apply to the entire home, in addition to the office portion of it.


What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is a practice that works with energy flows and sensual impacts. It posits that when you open the door to your house, outside energy flows into it counterclockwise, flowing to the right and around the inside of it, through its various rooms and out again. As it flows, it begins to lose the "public" essence brought in with it and to take on more of the "private" feel created by you inside of your house.

By the time it has flowed all the way around and is on the way out again, the essence of the energy is all yours. You can work with this flow by changing the placement and sensual impact of each location in your house to emphasize or minimize the feel of the energy as it flows. You can almost direct it's expression by how you make each area look and what you do there.

The social you.
The social you. | Source
Your dreams and goals.
Your dreams and goals. | Source
The most personal you.
The most personal you. | Source

The Feng Shui Energy Flow

When the energy flow first comes in and goes right, it is at its most "public" and symbolically "speaks of" your journey in life. It interacts with the public face of yourself, i.e. how you are with people in general. As it turns that first corner in your house and heads further in, it starts dropping the "public" feel and begins to be more you, sparking your creativity as you think and act on your interactions with others.

The 2nd corner, reflecting even more of your own energy, calms down to allow for longer-term, more personal or valuable relationships (lover, boss, best friend). The energy flows on across the far side of the house to trigger thoughts of dreams and goals for how you want your life to be. The 3rd corner of the house, as the energy flows into it, asks you what makes your life worthwhile. It represents success and wealth, which is different for each person. Then, having let go of almost all public energy as it has absorbed more of yours, it turns that corner and becomes your personal history/past, as it flows on to the last corner before leaving the house.

By the time it reaches the last corner, the feel of it is all you at your very most personal, i.e. your Higher Self or deep contemplation. This is where you are really your most personally powerful, not in terms of accomplishing things, but in terms of being open to Spirit. As the energy turns that last corner and moves on, it takes that most personal energy of you out the door to impact the world.

Office desk in the Vision/Past part of the house.
Office desk in the Vision/Past part of the house. | Source
Too much clutter - not good.
Too much clutter - not good. | Source

Feng Shui & Office Location

In order to apply this understanding of energy flow to your work at home, you will need to think about what type of business you have. Ideally, you want to choose a work location where you will be supported or strengthened by the feel of the energy there.

If I'm in marketing, for example, which is a very public type of activity, it would help me to do most of my work in the area of my house that has a strong public feel to it, which would be near the front door on the right . . . which I do not.

Here is where it gets tricky. The energy that flows through the place where you do most of your business is going to affect you, whether you want it to or not. Instead of being to the right of the front door, I have my desk in the vision/goals/dreams part of the house, which is not a bad place. That keeps me focused on working toward my own goals, whatever I do. But it doesn't have much of a public feel to it, so I need to create some kind of link between this spot and the public face (marketing or networking) part of the house. I'll explain how to do that in a minute.

Wealth Corner of the Home

Since I want my work to be successful, whether I'm doing my own writing or networking for my company, I will want to pay special attention to the wealth corner of my home and place things there that remind me of the type of wealth I want to attract. What is it that's important to me? What is important for me to bring to the company?  

Gold for wealth and warmth.
Gold for wealth and warmth. | Source
More to do . . .
More to do . . . | Source

That area in my house happens to be the bathroom - not good. Symbolically, it influences things to flow down the drain, to clean out. And that's what seems to happen with my wealth, promises coming and as quickly disappearing. I would rather accumulate and wrap wealth around me, so I need to counteract that influence.

A month or so ago, the roof of the three-floor apartment house where I live started leaking. Management replaced it, but didn't know that my bathroom ceiling had bubbles in it and a big crack on one of the walls. I was busy and a little discouraged, so I let it go for awhile. Then I thought about feng shui and realized what I was doing to myself. I called management to come and fix it.

Three days later a guy came to caulk, smooth, and repaint. The room looked so much better that I bought nicer looking accoutrements to give it a richer feeling. Now it reflects greater success, which I'm already feeling, just in a changed attitude.

Changed attitudes bring changed actions. The greater cheer motivated me to take action on the possibility of my company sending me to Hawaii for a conference. I pushed a little - myself and them - and booked my airfare and hotel room for a trip the following week.

Office Desk Placement

Each room also has a mini-flow that does the same thing. If you can't put your workroom in the most conducive location in your house for the type of work you do, then utilize that mini-flow and put your work area in that matching location in whatever room you can use.

My desk, in the vision/goal part of my house, was in the vision/goal part of the back room, too, but that was too much dreaming. I needed more of an action influence. The "public" part of the room didn't have a phone jack, which I needed, so I moved my desk to the left wall - to the more reflective part of that room, the "history" part.

That provided the major energetic influence of dreams or goals, with a sub-influence toward reflecting on the past. Since I've wanted to write about the adventures of my life and what I've learned from them, that positioning was great for personal writing. However, it wasn't so good for the marketing work I was supposed to be doing. I had to find another way to influence that part of my work.

An OK desktop - green color and plants to represent money and growth.
An OK desktop - green color and plants to represent money and growth. | Source
Much better - mailboxes for receiving abundance.
Much better - mailboxes for receiving abundance. | Source

Desktop Feng Shui

One day, while sitting at the computer and loving the way my photographs showed up when I used them as wallpaper on the desktop, I gradually became aware that the types of photos I stared at affected my mood, making it perfect feng shui material. So I started looking for photos that brought me alive, reminded me of success, and encouraged me to do my best.

The one I have on my desktop now shows five identical mailboxes lined up in a row. Behind them is a beautiful landscape partly hiding a nice apartment house. This photo makes me feel really good. I imagine each mailbox to receive particular things. I won't tell you all of them, but the first is for income from writing. The 2nd is for fan letters. The 3rd is for contracts for the company I work for. And the 4th and 5th you'll have to guess.

To summarize, the overall influence of energy flow, combined with how you shape it, will contribute positively or negatively to your life. It's a subtle influence, meaning slightly below the level of awareness, and powerful because of it. Knowing that, it makes sense to make sure that your atmosphere is a constructive, motivating influence overall, influencing you to take action in the directions you want to go, and supporting your best in what you are doing now.


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    • aslanlight profile image

      aslanlight 7 years ago from England

      Thanks! I've never heard of a Feng Shui compass.

    • Sustainable Sue profile image

      Sustainable Sue 7 years ago from Altadena CA, USA

      Thanks for the tip, Asianlight. I've modified the hub to include the references I use most.

    • aslanlight profile image

      aslanlight 7 years ago from England

      It's a fascinating hub, but I'd be interested to know how you know the information? Which books or experiences for example, taught you about it. Others might want to follow it up.


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