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Home based opportunity

Updated on October 31, 2010

A person in South Africa can earn a living whilst working from home. Now that paypal is available, the only necessity is a credit card. There are many ways to earn a living online. All you need is a paypal account, credit card and an internet connection.

I have been marveling at the idea of working from home. Lets face it, many of us either need extra income or are just too lazy to want to go to the office every day. Instead many of us would like to work part time from home. Its is possible to begin a new business and provide jobs from home to internet. As a South African resident, you can earn extra income online and get paid through paypal. The different resources range from gambling thought investing to blogging and writing articles for search engine optimization and affiliate advertising. Some of these solutions are pro active and others are passive where you can sit back and enjoy. Some are risky and not suited for everyone and some are even scams.

Gambling – A lot fun and thrilling moments can leave you broke because the house always wins, or personally I just do not trust casinos software. Never mind if you actually find a way to beat the casino sitting at a computer from home they would most likely take prompt reaction. A casino is a business and its product is money for more money and they take each win very seriously. If you are up for a little fun then there is no harm in playing a few cards like texas hold em which is online poker or slots and roulette tables however if you are serious about making money online then stay away from the casinos.

Investing or trading foreign exchange – a personal favorite of mine. With a credit card, south African identification and proof of address you are able to open a live trading account with many different forex broker. Trading forex can be very rewarding in many ways but it takes a great deal of effort emotionally and physically to become a consistent trader, There is a fair amount of risk involved especially if you are using high leverages. A beginner should practice trading on a demo account for at least six months before even considering their financial situation for a live account. Proper risk management and preparation should be done before trading. One should literally study forex trading and market trends to succeed. You may trade on a part time basis or even make a full on career out of it. For higher account holders people may have their trades manged for a nominal fee depending on the forex manager some companies are offering up to 15% return each month however it is never guaranteed as no one can predict the market. More information can be found at

Blogging and writing articles (site de blog) has already become very popular and is still a growing industry as many more networks are offering revenue generated from traffic to their websites, blogs or articles. So looking at the content food chain, when you write articles you need to be aware of where about you are on the chain. Right at the top you have the visitor who browses sites and purchases products. Then there are the websites who need fresh content for the search engines to bring them more traffic. Then there are the search engines that need the traffic of visitors. So basically you write an article that someone can use to satisfy traffic consistently. An SEO site would be a place where people could find extra income to work from home. Many of these site pay the writers using paypal which is available to South Africans. There is one place in particular that presents opportunity on a daily basis for South Africans who would like to work from home. Digital Point. The most common form of payment on this site is paypal. At the services forum there are four categories design, content creation, programming and hosting. The content creation section provide work for the lesser skilled people and for smaller payouts and quicker turnaround times. The design section is a great place for people who can use Adobe Photoshop or css style templates. A growing web application is Wordpress and is quite well sought after, if one well competent in Wordpress they the can make a decent earning here. The programming section is great place for people needing php services. More information can be found at

Affiliate marketing – most people who use the internet know of Google Adsense. That is because it works. For a little passive income Google Adsense is definitely a great opportunity for a worker from home. It certainly takes time and effort but there are no costly risks and the the rewards are not limited. One can write articles on high searched keywords to target large amounts of traffic to their Adsense advertisements. The larger your traffic the the better your probability of making a few bucks are. For a south African, Google does pay out.


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