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Homecare Direct Sales Companies for Your Home-Based Business

Updated on June 28, 2012

Do you like to keep a clean home? Do people notice and comment on it? Do you love new products that help make caring for your home easier?

If so, a homecare direct sales company may be the route you should go as a career path or to pick up some extra cash.

Some of these companies are multi-level marketing companies. I've marked them for you. Now, don't let that discourage you! You may be a prime candidate for an MLM program! I can make you a ton of money if you're good at it, and you never know if you're good at it unless you try it!

Aerus (formerly Electrolux) - this is more like becoming a franchisee - you'll need a lot of capital to start with this company

Aihu - Startup is $100, 30% commissions, 3 level downline

Amway -

Avalla - $89 Startup, 10-30% commissions, must sell $100 each month to remain active

Celadon Road - Celadon Road has a basic enrollment kit that is just $79 and includes $160 in product. They also have a standard kit which is $150 and includes $325 in free product. These guys were nice enough to email me this information after seeing their name pop up in one of my hubs!

Daisy Blue Naturals - Startup is $99, Commissions are 30-37% plus bonuses

For Every Home - Startup is $100, commissions 25-38%

Fuller Brush


Green Irene - Startup is $150 and up, 80% commissions on home makeovers, 20% commissions on products, downline 3-5%

H2O At Home - Startup $185, commissions 25%, downline 3-6%

HomePro by Design - Startup $159, 25% commission plus bonuses, downline earns bonuses through fourth generation



Only Green - Startup $199 - I have received their catalog. They offer many different types of products and services. They sell degradable bags, produce totes, all sorts of cleaners for the home. They also sell cosmetics, cutting boards, books on green resources, and food and beverage products. They seem to be a very neat company with a true passion for making the planet a greener place. Their consultants, or "EcoAdviosors", are trained not only to represent their products and services, but to also educate others about being green. Their starter kit contains training materials, sales tools, and $300 worth of their products, including a sampling of their cosmetics, skincare, petcare, homecare, and coffee.

Rexair (Rainbow)


Sportron - MLM

Stanley Home Products

Sunrider- MLM

Symmetry- MLM


Tomboy Tools - $159 startup - This looks like a very unique opportunity. I received a copy of their catalog and see that not only are they a unique company, but that they are partnered with AVON Walk for Breast Cancer. It's always nice to deal with a company that gives back. It is easy to get started with them. You simply submit your Consultant Agreement with the startup fee and you will receive your starter kit which contains a "Super Stepper." The contents are a big pink toolbox/step stool, hammer, pry bar, needle nose pliers, slip-joint pliers, tape measure, hacksaw, sanding block, utility knife, screwdriver, level, tool apron, knee pads, safety glasses, gloves, picture hanging set, pencil, and earplugs. You also receive all of your business tools.



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