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HostMonster Review

Updated on July 20, 2015


HostMonster is a fairly large hosting company, having over 750,000 websites use their services. They have been offering their services for a long time, since 1996, and have built their business by offering lots of services for a good rate.

Quick Facts

  • Host Monster has been in operation since 1996
  • Are hosting over 750,000 domains
  • No long term contracts, or tiered pricing. A flat rate of $5.95/month, and can cancel at anytime.
  • Phone: 866-573-4678

Products and Services

With HostMonster, you do have a lot of the features other hosting sites have, but there is a catch. With other companies, the hosting packages are tiered, meaning the more you pay, your services are upgraded (more bandwidth, domains, etc.) With HostMonster, you pay a flat rate of $5.95 a month, and can cancel at anytime.

With the package, you receive: a free domain name for life, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, host unlimited domains, 24/7 email support, online help, and have access to free installation scripts to install the best online software available.


HostMonster offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, with 24/7 network monitoring, UPS power backup, and courtesy site backups.


The standard features are available at HostMonster, such as one click install for popular software. From blogs (Wordpress, b2evolution, Nucleus), Content Management Systems (Drupal, Geeklog, Joomla, Mambo Open Source), Support systems (Helpdesk, Help Center Live), eCommerce (CubeCart, Zen Cart), and much more. They also offer free site promotion tools, a free SiteBuilder with templates, and advertising credits for Yahoo ($25) and Google ($50).


Support for HostMonster is much better than a lot of the other hosting companies out there. They offer 24/7 phone support, a live chat system, a knowledge base, and video tutorials. The knowledge base has several hundred articles available to read, and there are easily a hundred video tutorials to view. The tutorials are very straight forward and easy to follow. They also go at a slow enough pace that you could easily watch, change windows, and do, if you wanted. They cover topics from basic (setting up your email client) to more complicated (modifying Wordpress installations).


"HostMonster is a decent host for the price you pay. It isn't expensive so you can't expect as much as you can from the more expensive ones. But it is a great host to start your business up from the ground. After you get enough traffic you can always move up to a better, but more expensive, host. As for uptime I have had no real downtime for the past 8 months." -

"I am with HostMonster for 2 years now and I am think I change it. All my sites are down at least one time every week during the day when the traffic is good. They always have problems with servers or the network. Avoid them and pay a little bit more and get a good host." -

"Always read fine print. There is no such thing as "unlimited storage and bandwidth." If you use too much, they will cancel your account on the grounds that "they can cancel you for any reason at any time" even though it contradicts their advertising. That aside, the deal is pretty good. That is, until they have a disk failure and suddenly all your sites are down. You call support and they offer to restore one of the backups they have for you, obviously you say "go ahead." Then they call back and say "whoops it turns out we didn't have a backup for you after all." Now you are stuck uploading your own backup over a household DSL line which will take forever... Local colocation space and servers are cheap these days. Time to move on from HostMonster. I'm done with hosts like this. Beware." - Anonymous


  • Offers great choices for software to get your website operational right away, plus advertising coupons to market the site.
  • A very good rate for unlimited domains, space, and bandwidth, and can cancel at any time.
  • Nearly 15 years of hosting experience to help you succeed.


  • Only one hosting package available, no room for upgrades.
  • No other services available apart from shared hosting.
  • Several customers warn about accounts being suspended after surpassing certain metrics (bandwidth, processes, space).


Before reading the customer reviews of HostMonster, I had a positive outlook for the company. They have a wealth of experience with hosting, have over 750,000 domains under their belt, and have a full suite of software options to choose from that can be installed easily. Between the knowledge base and video tutorials, they can help you get any site you would like up and running in no time.

I was disappointed to see that they only offer the one price for hosting services, though. It does make it much easier for newcomers to get started, but a power user will definitely want more with their package than what HostMonster offers. While it is nice to have no longterm commitment, it would be beneficial to have some upgrades available, or a discounted price for using the service for a long time.

Several users left comments noting that their accounts had been suspended after they surpassed bandwidth or space allocation metrics, despite HostMonster's claim of unlimited bandwidth and space available. For heavy traffic sites, this would be a risk not worth taking, so I would suggest they look for a service that is able to handle high loads of traffic. This hosting company seems to be geared towards someone just starting out and not expecting to have major traffic levels.

With the limitations of the hosting plans, and the user comments, I would be cautious with this company. They do offer a lot of software and other features, however, so I will rate them as a 3/5 until I see some more positive reviews.


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