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Hot Tips for a Winning Home Page

Updated on December 14, 2017
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Kevin is a Copywriter and Content Writer. He helps entrepreneurs increase sales through optimizing Landing Pages, Sales Letters etc

Your Home Page is your prospect – marketer communication zone. You have to see it this way to do well with your home page. Your home page should not just be a bunch of colorful images and disconnected irrelevant texts scattered here and there.

The first 4 inches of the page

The first 4 inches of your home page is a very vital part of your home page it will determine if people will stay on your page or not. You have only 7 seconds to grab the attention of a visitor to your web page. The first 4 inches if properly optimized will help you reduce bounce rate and get more prospects pay attention to your offer.

The first 4 inches should consist mainly your headline and sub headline. As a marketer you can not underestimate the power of a strong headline and sub headline.

  • A clear cut message: Why should I buy from you and not your competitor? Answer this question clearly with supporting evidential. The answer is your ultimate reason why they should stop and engage with you.
  • A clear message that focuses on the customer: That answers a question.

The essence of marketing is the message. And it is with this message the marketer simplifies the connection between the customer and the company distilling it down to an essential melody – the offer – Dr Flint McGlaughlin

The questions that must be answered on every page

The message on your home page should be very concise, clear, unique and well sequenced. To achieve that it should provide answers to the following question below. Because generally when you land on a page they are the basic questions in your heart.

Where I’m I?

What visitors think when they are on your page.

  • I’m I in the right place?
  • should I spend any more time here?
  • is this what I expected when I clicked to this page?

Let the prospect know exactly where they are. Your headline and sub headline should do this.

What can I do here?

When this is not clear people just stumble around the page trying to find meaning or even press the back button and you lose money. Spell out clearly what is there for the visitor. It is them not you or your business.

Why should I do it?

This is actually connected directly to the company’s Value Preposition

  • Why should I consider you rather than anyone else?
  • Why should I buy or give you my phone number or email?

The prospects want to know why they should trust you. Don’t leave them in any doubt.

Push your ‘’Only Factor”

Your ‘’only factor’’ is that thing only you can offer your customers. It is that thing that makes you stand out and special. It should be clearly and strategically on your home page.

Some Tips to Help you Create a Winning Home Page

  • Put yourself in the shoes of the customer. If you were the customer what will put you off on the page and what will make you stay to read more.
  • The page should convey a strong value proposition.
  • Make bold compelling statements. Don’t just make bogus claims. The goal of marketing is not to make a claim but to foster a conclusion. Your strong value proposition – the key reason people should buy from you or give you their details is what will cause them to make the conclusion to dine with you. Don’t force them to do business with you, give them the reason to do business with you.
  • Don’t beat them to submission with your claims. Allow them to come to a conclusion by engaging them in a mental conversation. Maximizing the spaces you have on your page with texts and images to further buttress your points. To get them to conclude to do business with you must give them a good reason. If you just make claims it naturally raises their defense system.
  • Show them why you are the go-to company and your product is the real deal. Give them critical and strong reasons in concise bullet points. Give them facts not just empty claims. This makes the customer believe you and come to a conclusion to deal with you.
  • Present a set of quantitative key facts. Show them the why. Don’t just say you are the fastest, say how fast you are. Don’t just say you are the biggest say how big you are.
  • What are you trying to accomplish on this page. Be crystal clear of the objective of the page and everything should point to it. Every element of the page should support an objective.
  • A dominant primary objective. If you have about 3 objectives then one of them must be 70% the focus of the home page.
  • Have a single offer on your home page. The offer must be simple and understandable and then believable. These both are important. If they understand and do not believe the offer then they say no and you lose money.
  • The goal of your home page should be to guide people where to go. Don’t sell there just give them reasons to give you their details or buy from you.
  • Reduce the noise and distraction. Noise and distractions could be bad color arrangements, too many columns, more than one call to action, too early call to action, unbelievable claims etc.
  • Use the right color and use it sparingly.
  • Don’t ask questions answer questions. They came to answer their questions don’t leave them with those questions. They came to solve a problem or find out about something pressing. Don’t start to bore them by asking them questions again, give them what you promised. Give them what they want and get what you want.
  • The visitor must know clearly what you want done. Your call to action must be clear cut and straight to the point. Don’t leave them wondering what to do.
  • Don’t ask for the buy too early. Let the customer experience a perceived value before you ask for the buy.
  • Clear objective increases sale, turnovers and conversions. Don’t be vague. Don’t try to impress them. Just be simply understandable.
  • The home page is expected to draw the customer and engage them and drive them to the right place on the website. It’s like walking to the front door and someone guiding you to the right room in the house.
  • Watch out for motion images on the front page. It distracts.
  • The navigation bar could also be a huge distraction. Remove or minimize the visibility of your navigation buttons on the home page so that the prospects will stay on the home page and hear what you have to say and then move on to the actual page you want them to go to.

The home page is a place to communicate something to your customers; to guide them on what to do and how to do it. Give them an ultimate reason to stay on the page. Engage them in a mental dialogue. Don’t allow them to figure things out themselves. Guide their thinking, engage them, reason with them on the page, converse mentally with them.

© 2017 Kevin Ashwe


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