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How And Where To Sell Your Iraqi Dinar Currency?

Updated on December 3, 2014

Iraqi Dinar

Photo of Iraqi Dinar
Photo of Iraqi Dinar | Source

Selling Your Iraqi Dinar

So you bought some Iraqi Dinar. Maybe it was weeks ago, months ago, or even years ago but your done and you just want to sell it and free up some cash. Many don't know where to turn, how to safely sell their Dinar, or where to go to get the best price. This article will answer all these questions for you.

When it comes to selling your Iraqi Dinar or other currencies for that matter you have a few choices. One option is to sell it yourself, you can do this on eBay, Craigslist, or a Dinar forums buy/sell section. This requires you to do all the legwork finding a buyer and figuring out a payment method both buyer and seller are comfortable with can be challenging. There's a number of stories on DinarVets and other forums about buyers and sellers getting burned when doing peer to peer sales. Selling your Dinar yourself will generally get you the most money, however it does come with risks and depending upon what selling platform you use, most of those savings could easily be wiped out by eBay or Amazon fees.

The other option when it comes to selling Dinar is to sell to an Iraqi Dinar dealer. The price offered will generally be lower than selling them yourself, however assuming you deal with a reputable Treasury Registered dealer with a good reputation its a perfectly safe way to sell your Dinar.

A couple things to be aware of if you decide to sell to a Dinar dealer. Lately a lot of dealers and companies have been popping up offering to buy your Dinar for top Dollar prices. Not all but many times you need to be very careful of the fine print. Many dealers will advertise a high price, however it comes with many conditions, your notes have to be in pristine condition, have to be sequentially in order in terms of the serial numbers and you have to have all documentation from your purchase. Even missing one of these aspects and a price of $800 or more could easily be dropped down to $600 or there abouts. When you get a sell price from a dealer be very specific about what is required to get the advertised price as many sellers wind up being disappointed with what they are actually paid.

So you're probably wondering what tips can make your Dinar sell-off a safe transaction while getting you the maximum amount of money?

Should you decide to sell yourself, Craigslist is a great option as there are no fees involved, however there's also a smaller pool of buyers and you have to physically meetup with someone to sell. eBay and Amazon can be good options, there's safety built into their systems and you have a huge pool of potential of buyers. The downside is Amazon charges about 15% in transaction fees and eBay about 10% after everything is said and done with eBay and Paypal fees. Though there is some buyer and seller protection built into the eBay system its still possible to get burned if you don't get a tracking number and a signature on any package you send out.

Should you decide to sell to a dealer its a bit safer if you deal with a reputable dealer. Not only are they Registered with the US Treasury but unlike an individual, a business has a reputation to maintain. Dinar dealers are making plenty of money off selling DInar, they aren't likely to ruin their business reputation and future business over stealing your Dinar so this is a very safe way to do the transaction. Though its sometimes less than selling on your own, if you were to use eBay or Amazon their fees are going to wipe out almost any savings you would have selling yourself over selling to a dealer so for many people they would prefer to avoid the headaches and risks of trying to sell themself for possibly no more money than selling to a dealer.

If you decide to sell to a dealer which should you go with, there's so many? Pretty much any dealer who's Treasury Registered is probably a safe place to sell, however you should still do some due diligence and check to see if they have any complaints with the BBB and do a quick google search and see if you can find any positive reviews from others who have used that company.

One company I have had personal experience with is BuyIQD or BuyIraqiDinarHere. They provide a stellar service when it comes to buyins and have plenty of positive reviews on Dinar forums such as DInarVets and others. One common thread among reading reviews is that this company does not play games with the price offered. If your Dinar is the condition and amount you claim you will get paid the full quoted amount. They also seem to be known for offering some of the most competitive prices and fastest turnarounds. There's a number of great dealers out there you can sell to, this is just one of the many we found a wealth of positive reviews for while browsing online.

Hope this Hub provided some assistance and peace of mind if you are in the market to sell your Iraqi Dinar.


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