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How Article Marketing Can Make Your Online Business More Profitable

Updated on June 14, 2010

How Article Marketing Can Make Your Online Business More Profitable

It can be challenging to turn your website into a successful online business. And the only way to make it work is drive targeted traffic; get people that are interested in what you're offering. No matter what kind of product or service you are offering, you can't hope to succeed without traffic.

It can be hard for internet marketing newbies to choose a method of promoting their website with so much conflicting information on the subject. You can then fall into the trap of trying many different techniques and not sticking with anything long enough to get results. But there are a few promotional methods that don't cost you a thing but are guaranteed to work. Article marketing is one such strategy, and all this involves is distributing articles that promote your site. Let's look at a few of the best strategies to successfully implement article marketing in your business

To succeed, you need to provide articles that contain worthwhile information. That means no fluff! You need to give the person reading the article information he can utilize. People read your articles because they want knowledge on something, after all. You will especially want to make sure that you're always giving people fresh and pertinent information that also fits in with whatever your site's about. Articles written for publishing online should always be fast and should hook the reader. It's not your goal to win awards for your writing, after all, you're just trying to get people to flood to your site. So make sure they are interesting to read but at the same time don't give everything away. Keep the most important aspects on your site and watch people flood to it to get the rest of the story. Look over each paragraph to make sure it's always tight and put together nicely. Always make sure your writing voice is strong.

When creating your articles for marketing, don't do it for the heck of it. When you write articles that are just badly written, your reader will find you unprofessional and stop reading them. You always want to make your articles as good as possible, even while sending out as many as you can. You want your readers to finish your articles feeling that they've acquired some knowledge that they didn't have before. When they feel that your article has helped them in some way, they will want to find out even more by visiting your site. Just remember that there is a give and take to article marketing. If your articles are helpful and informative, they will generate lots of traffic for you, but if they are boring or unfocused you won't get any. Your articles are meant to turn readers into website visitors. The more articles you send out, the more potential prospects will see them and the more traffic you will see. While you do have to keep up a consistent effort with this method, the rewards you can get from article marketing are unmatched.


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    • olivo profile image

      olivo 7 years ago

      It's very true KarynHill :)

    • KarynHill profile image

      KarynHill 7 years ago

      I've used article marketing as the primary means of promoting my business. It's one of the best ways of getting the word about your business out there.