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Create amazing audio & video content for your business with this free software

Updated on February 19, 2015
Find out about how to use video and audio editing effectively to promote your business
Find out about how to use video and audio editing effectively to promote your business | Source

Software to help set your business creativity free!

Once you've created a great product or service, you need to create interest and get people talking about your business. One of the best ways to do this is through creating compelling audio or video content. Because the way that we consume information is changing, and it's harder to hold your audience's attention, bite-sized, easily understandable rich media can be a great solution.

Online video and audio services have exploded in popularity over the last few years (Vimeo, Soundcloud, YouTube, Podcasts etc.), making these very powerful channels for getting at your target customers.

Video and audio editing software can help you produce professional quality results and make it easier for you to expand beyond just text and image based content. You’ll need to be careful to avoid your video or audio just being a promotion / ad (and therefore easily ignored), but if you can creatively mix entertainment and value, it’s a great way to build your business and brand.

In this article we'll discuss:

  • Why is video and audio content useful for businesses?
  • What can video and audio content be used for?
  • How does audio and video content fit into your business?
  • What is the main functionality of audio and video editing software?
  • Where can you find and test free audio and video editing applications?
  • What if you are considering producing your own video and audio content?

You and your small business will benefit from this through:

  • Learning how video and audio content can help you grow and promote your business
  • Finding out about the key functionality of some of the most popular video and audio software
  • Discovering some of the best free software that's available
  • Thinking about your process for creating audio or video content

A screenshot of some video editing software
A screenshot of some video editing software | Source
Typical uses
Audio and video tutorials and information; demonstrations and examples; information products
Introduction video; 'how to' guides for your product
Video advertising; audio advertising; viral promotion

Why is video and audio content good for businesses?

There are many reasons why video and audio works for promoting businesses, products and services; here are some of the main ones:

  • It's distinctive and stands out from standard text and image based messages
  • Video and audio content grabs people's attention quickly
  • Video in particular is very popular and easily shared online
  • You can get quite complex ideas across more easily in an audio or video production
  • Your content could go viral, getting you lots of views and marketing

What can video and audio content be used for in business?

If you’re not in a creative industry directly or your business doesn't provide video or audio services, you might wonder how exactly you can take advantage of audio and video editing. Even if it’s not a primary focus for you, you can use this type of content in several areas.


Video advertising is becoming very common. Many of the more popular videos on YouTube now run an ad in front of them and elsewhere on the Internet, a number of websites feature embedded video that can promote your business. If you’d prefer to create audio only adverts, you don’t need to look any further than your local radio station.

Promotion and marketing

Whether you’re producing and paying for advertising or not, this type of creative content can become an effective way to promote your business. If you create something educational, entertaining or different, people will share it with friends and colleagues, promoting your business in the process.

Website introduction content

Internet users are normally very busy and being able to explain your business features and benefits quickly could generate leads and new customers. A professionally produced video on your home page allows people to quickly understand what your business offers.

Other website content

Beyond the front page of your website, audio and video content can explain other aspects of your products and services and provide explanations, examples and tutorials, further engaging with your potential customers.

Information products

If you’re creating information or educational products, good video and audio content can really add something to your offering. Because people absorb information in lots of different ways, providing alternatives will mean that your products and services appeal to a larger user base.

How does this all fit together?

You can see from the graphic below how this might all work for your business.

Audio and Video Editing - How it can help your small business
Audio and Video Editing - How it can help your small business | Source

Top Five Video Editing Programs (According to a YouTube video editor)

Useful products from Amazon

What are the main features of video and audio editing software?

Video, audio and sound editing software varies widely in what it can do, whether it’s commercial or free. However, some of the more common features are:


Record audio / video directly to your hard drive to allow later manipulation and editing.

Import / Export / Convert

Import and export to common video and audio formats and convert files between popular formats.


Cut, copy, paste, delete and insert sections of audio and video files using a visual interface.


Mix together multiple tracks, audio and video content.


Apply various effects to your content including speeding up and slowing down, on screen effects, video transitions and audio effects.


Tidying up content through noise reduction, level balancing, restoration and the like.

Other features

Bookmarking content, plugins for enhanced effects, burning to other media etc.

Audio editing screenshot
Audio editing screenshot | Source

Want to find out more about Video and Audio Editing?

There are some excellent resources if you'd like to find out more about video and audio editing.

Helpful books on video and audio editing

  • PC Audio Editing (eBooks) - 'PC Audio Editing is an essential guide for anyone wishing to produce audio using a Windows PC.'
  • Cut by Cut - 2nd Edition (eCampus) - 'This is a thorough guide that will help anyone interested in video and film making to produce better content. It gives great insights into the filmmaking process and champions the editor specifically.'

Please note that the two links above are 'affiliate links'. This means that if you click on one and purchase the product, part of the purchase price will support my efforts in producing practical, helpful and free small business guides. This doesn't cost you anything extra and I am very grateful if you do decide to make a purchase. I have only included links to genuinely useful products, services and businesses and hope that they are of use to you.

Free video, audio and sound editing software

Although many of the video and audio suites out there can be expensive, there are some good, free video and audio editing programs and we’ll cover some of the main ones here.

Free audio and sound editing software – Software for editing and managing audio and sound files.

  • Audacity – Probably the best known of the free audio editing programs, Audacity is very fully featured and has a very good support forum. It handles all of the basic functions with ease and can be expanded via plugins
  • Free Audio Editor – A simple to use audio editor that has a well implemented feature set
  • Jokosher – A simple and powerful multi-track studio solution. This application allows you to record, edit, mix and export audio, quickly and easily
  • Wavosaur – A professional audio editor with many advanced features

Free video editing software – Software for editing and managing video files.

  • Avidemux – A simple video editing solution focused on cutting, copying, filtering, encoding and pasting
  • ezvid – An easy to use, basic video solution allowing screen capture and recording, slideshows and video editing
  • Video Toolbox - A fully featured, free video editing solution
  • Open Movie Editor - This is a free and open source video editing program, designed for basic movie making capabilities. It aims to be powerful enough for the amateur movie artist, yet easy to use
  • Lightworks – An exceptionally advanced video editing solution used by professional film makers. The free version is limited

A quick quiz on audio and video editing for small business

view quiz statistics

If you’re thinking of producing your own video or audio content

Here’s some useful advice if you’re thinking of creating audio or video content.

Know your message and intent

Be clear about what it is that you’re trying to get across. Have a clear idea of the message and call to action that you want to convey before picking up the microphone or camera.

Consider hiring a professional

If you already have some experience in working with audio or video, you’re a quick learner or want to pick up a new skill, then download the software and experiment, otherwise, you might want to consider hiring a professional to help.

Set yourself apart

The Internet is full of video and audio content. For your business to stand out, your offering needs to be clear, compelling, useful and different. Spending some time thinking about what sets you apart will help you build great content.

I hope you've found this article useful and that you can use the information to create great video and audio content for your small business.

If you have any hints or tips on rich media content, please let us know in the comments.

If you found this article useful, interesting or informative, please do check out my other guides for small business owners here.

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