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How Can I Deal With a Stubborn Coworker?

Updated on November 15, 2012

When you have to face a stubborn coworker, these several tips below might come in handy, not only helping you but also other parties in your workplace.

Having to work together with a stubborn coworker everyday might urge you to consider resigning from your current job. However, before you finally make up your mind to do that, you might want to consider some of the tips below in advance. Who knows you might still be able to make things better, not only for you, but also your other colleagues in the office. Remember that arguing with your stubborn coworker every now and then does not help at all. Instead, it just tends to be very annoying for other people in the office and, ultimately, will just make everything even worse.

Ignoring Annoying Behavior Is Unwise

When you met a coworker that is difficult to deal with, the first thing that might usually come across your mind is to ignore him or her. Unfortunately, this is actually a bad thing to do. When you ignore small annoying behaviors, you might end up seeing your coworkers showing even larger annoying behaviors. This might be caused by a few things, such as, they might think that you don’t mind their behaviors and thus won’t likely realize what they have done wrong or that they are bothering you.

Blaming Others Just Wastes Time

When you try not to ignore your stubborn coworkers’ annoying behaviors, you shouldn’t blame them, either, for what is happening. Not only does it waste time, blaming others even tends to urge other people to think that it is actually you who are troublesome at your workplace.

Communication Is Key

Under any circumstances, communication always plays a key role. Therefore, it is wise for you to try to communicate with your colleagues, even if you think they are difficult to deal with. Yet, when you try to talk to them, always try not to be aggressive or abusive. Instead, try to express your willingness to make situation better for you and for them. Hence, try to talk to them politely yet firmly. You can also express what you would like them to do – remember, in a polite manner – to make a better working place for all of you.

Also remember that you need to listen to them as well. Don’t only tell them what to do, you should also ask them what they would like you to do to make your workplace a better place. When they have finally expressed their thoughts, you had better try to re-explain them so that they know you are not misunderstanding them, and even if you are, you have given them the chance to correct you.

To Help Others Realize Is To Befriend Them

At times, some people may not realize that they are actually being a disturbance to others due to their behaviors. At this point, it will be very kind of you to help them realize what they are doing. To do this, you will be better off trying to talk to them privately so that you won’t likely embarrass them in front of the other coworkers.

Compromise Sometimes Helps

There are times when you are supposed to compromise. For example, when you and your coworkers have different ideas about something, try to see the benefits and the drawbacks of all the ideas. If all are good, then compromising the ideas may turn out to be the best thing to do, instead of you defending your own ideas and them defending theirs.

Management Does Exist

This is another thing you must not forget. If you think you have tried everything you are suggested to do, then your one final resort might be to consult your company management. Keep in mind that you are not alone. Well, it’s true that management might not always be able to solve the problem you are facing. However, management can at least act as a mediator among you and those stubborn coworkers.


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