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How Can My Small Business Website Become Popular?

Updated on December 20, 2012

As a small business owner or manager, you're no doubt concerned how to get your website viewed by as many good prospects as possible. Don't worry, this is not another article focussed just on search engine optimisation (SEO).

Today I'll take an overall look at gaining popularity with our website and encouraging its use. The end result being more sales and profits for you.

First thing to do when starting your new campaign, is have a website strategy. This means writing down your goals for what you want to achieve with your future actions. Otherwise, you might give the wrong command to an outside agency and they just spend hours on getting any old traffic that they can deliver from across the world - no use to you selling plumbing services in suburban Melbourne, for example.

Second thing to do is decide what there is yet to do and who is going to do the work. May I suggest sticking to your local operators that you get to know by reading their blogs or from reading their clients testimonials.

Third thing to do is ensure your website is totally viewable in mobile devices, such as iPhone, Android, and iPad-style tablets. Later on you can get a bit tricky and set up offers for mobile users, but for now just make sure people can see and navigate your website. Mobile technology viewing is surpassing desktop and laptop viewing so it is rather important. We call this 'responsive design' in the website development trade.

Fourth thing to do is think about a Social Media Strategy. Start off with the basics - is your business targeting general consumers? Try setting up a Facebook Page and interacting with other locals. If your business is servicing businesses, get a handle on LinkedIn and LinkedIn's groups - posting weekly blog articles or else questions will help. Also utilise Twitter for quick snippets or job listings, as it works well for some markets.

Realise that you're not going to be expert at all areas, but to get popularity on Google or anywhere else, quite some effort needs to be put in. For example, I spend 10 hours a week marketing my partner's website design business - including looking at Google Analytics, and measuring rankings and new keyword analysis with software called "Market Samurai". I also update the database.

Copy Editing for Attraction

With a basic niche website, it's much easier to get some traction if all the on-page optimisation is done by a professional. It also helps if the same person can get rid of all the typos and long-winded grammar. That is what I do best - having copy edited around 30 websites, with another 10 or so completely written, plus squeeze pages that enable people to sign up for a freebie.

So you see, writing for attraction involves keyword knowledge and research, as well as the ability to write to engage each audience. (Putting myself in their shoes, so to speak). It also involves localising the content for your service area. If you can do all that, then you will be gaining ground with a website that will attract the right people and interest them in coming back for more. Read more in my free report: 7 Questions a Niche Website Owner Needs to Know, at scribd.


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