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How Cheap Web Hosting can Destroy Your Website

Updated on March 6, 2012

Give anyone a choice between an expensive Item A and a cheaper Item B; it is most likely that the person would go for the cheaper alternative unless he simply has too much money and doesn't know how to spend it. Everyone loves bargains; I’m not saying that it’s wrong but when it comes to something like choosing a web hosting company for your website, going for the cheapest option can do more harm than just a cheap shoe giving way.

The saying “Cheap things no good, good things not cheap” is very applicable to the selection of a web host. Has it ever occurred to you how can the web host offer you hosting at such low prices compared to their competitors? That’s because they scrimp on various features, services, hardware and functions that could spell disaster for your website. Here are some examples of what cheap web hosting can do to your website or business:

  1. Lose website contents
    This is one of the worst things that can happen to your website. Imagine how disastrous it would be to find contents of your website missing? These missing contents could be articles and images painstakingly created as well as data vital for your business. But how could these data go missing? It is because the web host did not perform a backup of your website. Reputable hosts will perform daily backups so that you will not lose important data. On the other hand, cheap hosts will hope that you would forget about this service that they should rightfully provide.
  2. Attacked by hackers and viruses
    Hosting services can be offered cheaply because the hosting provider does not invest in anti-virus software or undertake security measures to safeguard your website from viruses and hackers. One of the biggest fears of a website owner is to find a notice left by hackers on his website in the morning. Your reputation goes down, faith is lost, you spent time and effort rebuilding the site and the worst is that critical information has been leaked out. Business information and your customers’ personal and financial details are lost – one of a website owner’s worst nightmares.
  3. No customer support
    Not everyone was born a whiz with the knowledge of setting up a website, transferring a domain name, installing plugins, changing the templates or checking the status of the servers. This is when you need someone to assist you with your web hosting. Even an expert might need help once in a while but who do you call when no one picks up the phone at your hosting company? It is indeed frustrating to be stuck with a problem and trying to get hold of a customer support personnel by email or phone. Reputable hosts take pride in the customer service they deliver around the clock, the various methods of communication and the different avenues such as forums and tutorials to seek advice.
  4. Lousy features
    Don't expect to receive free templates, advertising credits, one-click script installations or the ease of managing your website. You get what you pay for, so be prepared to have your website stuck with the same boring look and struggle your way through managing your website with the absence of a cPanel and easy script installations. You are basically left on your own to figure your way through because if you give up and decide to call for help, it is likely that there will be no one to attend to you either.
  5. Poor business
    What do you expect when your website is saddled with lots of problems? Your existing customers will turn elsewhere if they lose faith in you and you can forget about attracting potential customers if your website is crappy.

So why try to save a few bucks and subject yourself and your website to all the hassle, risks and inconveniences above? Remember that when you pay peanuts, you’ll get monkeys, and a “monkey” website is certainly not what you want to have.


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