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How Customer Service Effects the Bottom Line

Updated on January 12, 2018

Customer Service

The effects of customer service can determine whether you are going to stay in business or whether your doors will close due to either poor management practices, lack of employee training or just the wrong person for the job.

Poor Management Practices

As with any position with any company it starts at the top and if you don't have a Manager that is passionate, attentive, trustworthy, understanding and a people person then you as a company are at risk each and everyday you are open for business.

On numerous occasions I have witnessed managers that were more worried about their respected lunch break and their cell phone ringing then they were about the employee and the customer standing in front of them. I have also noticed that at times a majority of managers, especially newly promoted managers are more enticed with the title they have been given and the pay they are receiving, rather than working along side there fellow staff. Some managers will scream across the store at a staff member to inform them they are doing it all wrong.

Other managers at times will lie or manipulate the staff into thinking they will acquire what there asking for if they just do this one last task but in the end the staff acquire nothing but being lied to by management.

Then you have the managers that just fly in on a whim to see if all is well and make their presence noticed but all the while they are there, promises are being made that wont be kept. Encouragement is given that will be forgotten about the time when the satisfaction ratings come in low.

This my fellow managers is Poor Management Practices, which in returns hurts your customer service and your bottom line. It destroys the morale among your team, it diminishes the respect from coworkers and most of all it affects your customer service

Lack of Employee Training

Its your first day on the job, you expect training or shall we say webinar to train you but in the end you are given a few videos to watch, a couple pieces of paper to sign and presto you are now on the sales floor!! You have no idea where to begin until someone tells you what to do next. Now, if that is not bad enough, now you have to face customers who you know will have questions you cannot answer because you are new and sure you can explain your new to the customer but really do they care? No, they just want their questions answered truthfully and you cannot answer them because of the lack of training you just received. If that's not bad enough your manager is standing there wondering why you were not able to answer the customers question

I wonder if the thought ever occurred that just maybe the manager should take the same training as the newly hired staff?

A lack of employee training not only affects your bottom line but it really affects your customer service.

The Wrong Person for the Job

There are times when you interview someone for a positon and the individual interviews fabulously. They have everything you are looking for, the background is perfect, there personality is great for your customer service side and then the inevitable happens.

The individual starts there first day on the job and when they come in to work they have the wrong dress attire on, they have packed themselves a four course meal for a four hour shift and if that is not bad enough they don't want to get there hands dirty.

This has happened to a fellow friend of mine once and let me tell you, she was shocked. The first thought was there is a possibility that maybe the individual was a diabetic or that maybe they misunderstood how long they were working and forgot about the dress code. By the time day three rolled around none of those excuses were liable. This individual was the wrong person for the job when they were caught eating their four course meal while not on a lunch break and they were seen not wearing the proper dress attire along being seen running to the bathroom repeatedly to wash their hands due to being dirty. Now, one would ask the question, how did they last as long as they did for all those years at the previous job, if for working a four hour shift you need a four course meal?

Hiring the right person will effect your customer service but hiring the wrong person will not only affect your customer service but it will have a major effect on your bottom-line.

Customer Service Skills

Customer Service is made up of various skills like patience, attentiveness, communication, compassion, body language, tone of voice and knowledge of what you are selling or promoting. These key skills are needed any time you are working in customer service and these are the skills the customer expects to see. Often times and as of lately I have observed individuals in this line of work only having a quarter of these skills while some lack even more. Its a shame because we are all customers at some point and time and we all look for those characteristics when we shop. Now, I know there are times where we think the service was terrible and maybe that person was having a bad day but in the end, if our experience was less than what we desired, would we still want to come back and shop there?

Customer service is the heart and soul of any business and without it you have no business.

© 2018 Lisa Marie


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