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How Do I Know Whether a Product has an Affiliate Program or Not?

Updated on April 20, 2016

How do you find whether a product has an affiliate or not? This is something you'll frequently do throughout the course. There are several ways to finding whether a product has its affiliate links or not, and we'll go one by one.

So, after you've found out the product name keyword, you're next step is to come back to this report to repeat the steps outlined here to find the affiliate links for product/offers you want to promote.

That's what, as ace affiliate marketers, we'll be doing!

Let's flick straight into a live example where we'll look how to search for affiliate links for product(s).

Before we move one, let me be clear on few things here. Not every product that you'll be promoting will have an affiliate programs associated with them. That's the way it is.

Not every!

So sometimes you might find a profitable product, but no affiliate links to promote it, and sometimes you can't even sell that product. It’s just that way, sometimes. However, in most cases, there will be at least one of several ways to promote those products.

That's the reason why you need to come back and check out this report ... frequently!

2 Ways to Find Affiliate Program for a Product

There are two ways you can find an affiliate program for a product.

First of all, let's say you've found a product that seems best-selling and gets a decent amount of searches per month. Now you're looking whether it has an affiliate program or not.

So, in the Google search box, you'll type your product name keyword plus 'affiliate program.'

Google Search: Samsung Galaxy III + 'affiliate program'.

The search result will throw up the top 10 relevant sites that includes your main keyword (Samsung Galaxy III for example), and all their affiliate links. This was the easiest method of all.

If, however, the search term doesn't show up any results for the 'affiliate program.' keyword, then, you can search for 'associate program' instead. Likewise, you can also try 'webmaster program' or 'webmasters’ only that some affiliate programs use.

That's it. These are the exact simple methods I use to find whether a product has an affiliate keyword or not.

Here's a bonus tip for you, in case you were wondering, “That’s it?”

Alright, the method I am going to tell you aren’t exactly about finding the affiliate program for a particular product, however, you can use this method to find hot affiliate programs for a particular niche.

That's right! Let me show this with an example.

It might seem a little bit off the topic, but it's the exact technique most of the seasoned affiliate marketers follow.

First, enter a category of products, and then search whether it has an affiliate program or not.

Let's say that you entered a category of a product - "weight loss program" - followed by the "affiliate program" keyword. In the search result, you'll get all kinds of affiliate programs related to weight loss.

What you are doing here is looking through the products or the name of the products that you can start to promote - products that gets huge amount of searches per month, or products that you might want to go back and analyze with the Adwords Keyword Suggestion tool.

These are the exact two methods I use to find whether a product has an affiliate program or not.

Simply bookmark it as you'll need to come back to this report, over and over again!


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