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Succeed in Sales - One of the Most Exciting and Rewarding Careers

Updated on April 8, 2016


“You can get everything you want in life by helping others get what they want” 

                                                        Zig Ziglar

Starting in Sales

So you want to succeed in sales. First let me say you are entering one the most exciting and rewarding careers I can think of. Not only are you rewarded financially you have the opportunity to meet and help other people. Unless your product is something illegal, you will be helping people get something they need or want. As you can see from the quote above I am a fan of Zig Ziglar, whom I believe is one the best salespeople I have run across. I also believe his quote whole heartedly.

No one is a born sales person, just like you are not born a doctor or a lawyer, you are not born a sales person. What makes someone good in sales? Here is the secret, you have to be likeable, friendly, and thoroughly enjoy talking to and helping people. That’s right good ole human interaction. If someone comes to you, there is usually something he needs or wants. When the prospect walks through the door he has decided to buy from you or not within the first 5 minutes of talking to you. The prospect knows he is going to buy a product, what he wants to know is why he should buy it from you.

See You At The Top

 Now I believe that there are two books by Zig Ziglar you should read if you are just getting into sales, or even if you are a veteran, there is nothing wrong with going back to the basics.  The first book “See You at the Top”.  This book takes you through six steps on becoming successful, starting with the way you look and think of yourself.   It will then lead you explain your relationship with people, how they see you and how you see them.   From there Zig will help you set goals and create the right mental attitude and the work ethics to achieve the desires you want.   I still have the original book I started with 20 years ago and I still read it and love it.   If you don’t have a copy you are lucky, you can get 25th Anniversary Edition online from Amazon at a nice discount over retail

Secrets To Closing The Sale

 The next book you should read is the “Secrets to Closing the Sale”.  In this book, not only does Zig tell some great stories (as he does in both books),  he will go over different closing techniques.   He will talk about the buying signals a prospect can give and will also discuss objections.  In pretty much all sales, a person says “no” if they don’t fully understand something or the product.  See if they gave you the chance to give them your sales pitch, they already like you bit.  The objection is their way of saying, “I like you but I don’t understand something”.    If you can handle the objection and see the buying signal you can close the sale.  Zig helps you lead the customer to “yes”. 

Now It's Up To You

There are many other books you should read, these are the two I think you should start with. I am a firm believer in increasing ones knowledge base. The more you know, the more you will understand the selling and buying process. For example, I am great in front of the person, but I had trouble with cold calling and being on the phone. I found a book on that and my phone skills became better. I was beginning to get more people in front of me so I could interview them and see if my product was best for them. The hardest part of sales is getting the prospect in front of you.

Welcome to the most exhilarating career you could have. Make it fun and be genuinely interested in helping people and you will have a lucrative career. Welcome to the world of Sales, I know you will do great.


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