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How Do You Find the Right Corporate Video Production Company For Your Business?

Updated on July 23, 2014
Get The Corporate Video That Will Do The Business For You!
Get The Corporate Video That Will Do The Business For You!

Does Google Always Know Best When Helping You To Select A Corporate Video Production Company?

Does Google really know which corporate video production company is the best for you and therefore show them to you towards the top of the results list? – Of course not. It’s a guess, a stab in the dark made by an algorithm that only has so much data to go on and does the best it can.

From that point onwards, it’s over to you. Much of what you see may well be relevant but a good deal of it won’t be.

Yes, there will be details of corporate video production companies there, that’s for sure, and some of them might be suitable for shortlisting but many will not.

One of the best ways to select a supplier of almost anything is to see what others have done and take advice and recommendations from them if available. If someone else, preferably someone you know and trust, has used a service before and has nice things to say about it, then that bodes well for the future when it comes to assessing how they would treat you and your project.

So, Google-it by all means, make a shortlist of course, but include some of the results that you see in the “ads” section too – remember these are links that will take you to the website of a corporate video production company which has paid to show you their details and expects you to visit their website and read the client testimonials and other material on there.

Finding the Right Video Production Company - It Ain't Easy!

When it comes to corporate video production, finding a company that will produce a polished and professional-looking final product is far from easy.

Finding a corporate video production company that not only produces a high-quality product but which also recognises and acknowledges the importance of that video to a business needing to compete in today’s video-savvy online marketplace is, to say the least, challenging.

It’s not surprising that every corporate video production company will interpret your business and its features and benefits slightly differently. After all, how much different would any Hollywood movie be if versions were made by several different directors. The story would be the same but the way in which it is portrayed and interpreted would vary substantially from one director to another.

So it is too with corporate video production. You have only a few minutes, even less in some people’s opinion, to grab the viewer’s attention and inspire and inform him or her of your products, your services and the ways in which you could improve their lives, their businesses and their fortunes.

This is where the corporate video production company that you choose must convince you that their vision, their interpretation and their “take” on your business is the right one.

So how can this be done? How can such a provider of excellence be found? These days, of course, the weapon of choice will probably be a Google search. Type “corporate video production company” into Google search and see what you get.

Ignoring, for now, the carefully worded “ads” which are plentiful on any Google search results page and concentrating on the “natural” search results, you will find a bewildering choice of possible contenders for the task of producing your proposed corporate video.

Take a Look at Their Previous Corporate Video Production Work!

The last tip, and in many ways the most obvious one, is to remember it is a corporate video production company that you are looking for.

When you visit a website belonging to a possible provider of those services make a point of watching some of their example videos. Does the style suit that which you have in mind for your own corporate video production?

How versatile are they, do they make videos for a wide variety of clients or do they specialise in one particular area of business such as fashion, or motor cars.

This is not at all uncommon and you may well find a corporate video production company that specialises in your type of business.


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      The Video Animation Company 3 years ago from Saratoga

      Interesting article Steve , thanks for the share !