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How Do You Get Money with Just a Laptop and An Empty Wallet

Updated on February 8, 2017

Warning - Not for the passive.

While this may not rescue the completely destitute, it will most certainly help the coffee shop web browser who just spent his last on caffeine. With such an aggressive growth of the internet, having a laptop computer is like finding extra cash in your couch each day.

The beauty about it is that there are so many avenues you could take to make money online. Some people check emails to make money; some play games, write, and even create products. The flip side to this is that many believe that actually seeing results doesn't take work.

Surprise, surpise! Just like a full time job that someone would work so hard for, you have to be that way with a home business. With a sound plan, however, you will suddenly turn your laptop into a teller machine.

Laptops are for more than just Facebook.

So, how do you get money with just a PC? Well, of course, you will first need to have access to the internet consistently. An empty wallet doesn't mean that you can't go to your public library. Hey, if you're serious about changing your life there will definitely be some uncomfortable times.

Once you can access the internet you then want to locate an autoresponder service. These will basically be your sidekick when fighting your way out of debt. More than likely your autoresponder will outwork you! They will handle the communication with your customers, and actually help gather and manage them all. But before any customer comes you must first have a prospect. These services can be found easily, simply search for "autoresponders" and choose wisely.

What customers?

So, how do you get money without customers? To get the prospects you must first know how to generate traffic; and a marketing system does that for you. These systems will give you what you need to get it done. The great ones have live training, tools, and the guidance for you to achieve.

The Online Ad Network is arguably the hottest marketing and training system out, so look them up. Now that you have both your autoresponder and marketing system the sky is the limit! It's not really about the way you make extra cash online, it's more so your ability to build an ever growing list of prospects.

If you can generate traffic you can make money in any industry - even if you are seeing too many broke days! As far as what products or services you're going to provide, think about what drives your passion. Do what you're great at as there are plenty of companies willing to pay you generously for your efforts.

What do you think?

Is starting a home business something you think you can handle? Have you once ran or currently operated one? Share with other readers your comments on the industry. Tips are welcome here!

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