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How Do You Get a Website Address

Updated on October 11, 2012
How do you get a website address - 3 easy steps
How do you get a website address - 3 easy steps

So you are wondering how to get a website address? If you are asking this question you are likely fairly new to the world of online publishing. If so, I have some good news for you. As a new publisher you are probably worried that you first web endeavor will be difficult and take a significant amount of time. The reality is that this notion is entirely wrong. With current technology and hosting companies that offer services from name selection to site publishing, you will find that publishing your first site is not difficult at all. In fact you may even have a bit of fun in the process.

So let’s address the question head on. How do you get a website address? First, we need to deal with some issues of nomenclature. Your website address is actually called your domain. A domain is the name of your site with the “www.” at the front and the extension on the back (ex., .com or .org). Let’s say that we want a website address that is called “new business”. You will first search for availability (more on that latter) and then register the domain. If all goes as planned, your new website address will be called Here are the steps you will need to take to get a website address:

Step one: Pick a name and some alternates

Think through the name that you will want for your website address. Remember, once you purchase your domain, all of your efforts to build traffic will be based on that domain. If you determine that you don’t love the website address, you will have a tough time migrating to a new address without losing some of the web presence you have built to that point. There are ways to migrate to a new website address and hold on to your traffic, but it is difficult and replete with opportunities to make mistakes. You are far better off choosing a domain name that you like from the beginning.

Step 2: Find a domain registrar

A simple web search will turn up hundreds of companies that will offer registration services for your website address. While most any of these companies will do, you should really take a look at those that offer both registration and hosting services. Ultimately if you are registering for a domain name, you are likely going to be publishing a site, so start with your future state in mind. Many large hosting companies offer very cost effective packages, and many will provide a domain name for free when you sign up for a hosting package. I use 1 and 1 for my hosting, but there are plenty of companies that do a great job for a very low price.

Step 3: Register your website address with your hosting and registration company

Log in to your account and locate the "add domain" area for your hosting provider. Generally there will be a form that will allow you to check the website address that you are hoping to acquire. Add the domain of choice, and submit your selection. You will then be provided a return screen that lets you know whether the name is available. If it is, you simply move through the remaining processing screens. If the name is taking, you will need to try other options until you find one that is both available and acceptable to you. Once your selection is made and available, your hosting provider will register that name on your behalf. Your address will then be available within 24 hours.

You will be notified by your hosting company of a success domain registration and the domain will become active. From there you will simply begin building your website. In most cases your hosting company will offer web site building tools or have relationships with web designers that can help you along through the entire process and in no time at all, you will be a web publisher.

In the end, the process for acquiring a website address has now become quite easy. If you have a bit of ambition, you will have a website in no time at all.


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