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How Do You Look At Your Week?

Updated on July 19, 2010


I never thought I would be one of those nine to five people. (Although I did contemplate a nice wedge shoe and recreating the entire opening sequence to the movie Nine To Five in my head more than once) And even now I like to think of myself as going to an office five days a week but not one of those cubicle kids. (I know I’m a snob) Still there’s something that has occurred without me even planning it that I think could be part of the Corporate Culture of America and I’m not so sure I like it. How do you look at your week? – Don’t Get Me Started!

When I was doing theatre I would always have Monday and sometimes Tuesday off. This was great because all of the drones were working Monday through Friday so you could basically get anything done you wanted in record times without hoards of people because you were on a schedule that most of the rest of the planet was not on. I took this for granted. The first time I was going to do something on my weekend (the real weekend that everyone else was having) I was in shock. “Who were all these people? Where did they come from and didn’t they know that they had no business clogging up my lines at the bank, post office and car wash?” “How dare they” was the only thought in my head. It was more than a bit depressing. I was now officially a drone. Trying to figure out how to get around the “normal folk” and their way of thinking is not easy. I found myself going Saturday morning at 6am to Walmart just so that I could avoid the masses and sometimes even that didn’t work!

But besides being on a schedule that so many other people are on, it’s the schedule of the week itself that has got me down a little bit. I never wanted to be one of those people with a coffee mug that said, “Happy Hump Day” or any of the other office clichés that abound like a live action Dilbert cartoon. Still I found myself more and more falling into that trap, that trap that can only catch the foot of someone in Corporate America today.

Sunday night I start trying to see if anything has come through via email or been put on anyone’s calendar for the next day so that I can mentally prepare myself. (Now make no mistake about it, being an Assistant and having a phone means that you’re looking at emails the minute they come in no matter what day of the week or time of day it is) And although my team is great about not contacting me on the weekend unless they really need something, I have created my own mental illness about checking my phone constantly waiting for a crisis to arrive that I can solve. I have begun the process of weaning myself off of phone watching during things like dinner, afternoon naps and the occasional sleeping late on a Saturday morning. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Monday and Tuesday I’m like a force to be reckoned with as I go through my day moving, shaking and generally cleaning up like Mr. Clean without the fully bald head. I can usually get myself through these days with positive upbeat energy but then comes Wednesday and the whole “hump” thing makes me feel like Quasimodo (NOT the cuter cartoon version, think Charles Laughton). I suddenly feel the weight in the middle of my back making me walk a little hunched over (like Uncle Morty, looking for change people have dropped on the street). At this point I’m normally thinking that the week is basically over. If there were any good news or anything good going to happen to me it would have happened all ready but once Wednesday hits, you may as well write off the week.

Thursday is perhaps the most annoying day of all. It’s not the beginning of the week and it’s not Friday. Thursday must have low self-esteem because let’s face it, if you were going to pick a day to be, Thursday would be everyone’s last choice. It has no real personality, it’s waiting on Friday to give it a sense of validity for even being a member of the team. Screw Thursday.

Friday has had way to much hype about it that it can never live up to in my opinion. You think that Friday is some magical doorway into the weekend of whatever you like or want to do when in actuality Friday usually is just lulling you into a false sense of security all day so that late Friday afternoon it can take you by surprise and screw you up the ass (without lubricant). Every project that could have been done on Thursday doesn’t really become “needed” or “urgent” until Friday afternoon. No wonder Thursday has such self esteem problems! It’s there waiting to serve and yet no one wants to take advantage of it. Thursday is always sitting on the bench at the big game and then Friday comes in like some sort of heavy hitter and expects everyone to just bow down and do whatever whim Friday comes up with like a rider on a contract for Courtney Love, asking for room temperature freshly pumped goat’s milk and a rug that looks like a pink French poodle in her dressing room.

There are times I wish that I was one of those, “I live my life thankful for every moment and the exciting ride it provides.” Maybe I need a near death experience or something. (God forbid, it would kill my mother) But I don’t want to be one of those people who watch the weekly calendar going by trying to get to Friday or begrudgingly giving Thursday any of my best work. I know that only I can make this change but suddenly I feel like fake crying like Chris Brown and singing “Man In The Mirror.” Anyone else with me? How do you look at your week? – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • ltfawkes profile image

      ltfawkes 7 years ago from NE Ohio

      "I suddenly feel the weight in the middle of my back making me walk a little hunched over (like Uncle Morty, looking for change people have dropped on the street)."

      Seinfeld reference?


    • Earth Angel profile image

      Earth Angel 7 years ago

      What!?? I left a loooooooooooooooooong comment here for your addition and my comment is non-gratis?? Non-existant?? Earth Angel!! What???

    • gqgirl profile image

      Sabrae 7 years ago from Georgia

      I usually have Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays off of work. So sunday morning I'm running to the store getting everything we might need for those three days and I try not to leave the house again til I have to return to work wed night! Makes life much more simpler!

    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 7 years ago from Upstate New York

      Great Scott!!!

      Terrific hub. I'm not an office drone anymore, I'm backwards from you. I only recently got out of the office and into self-employed (semi-retirement), after doing the drone thing for about 30 years.

      So for me, it's wonderful! I can go to the auto bureau, even, without cringing, because--there are NO LINES on Tuesday morning!

      My real pressure comes from deadlines. I work like crazy, all days, all hours, then I'm done for a while until it's time to do it again!