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How Does One Drive Up The Ranking of Their Sites?

Updated on June 12, 2012

Uncle Kracker Follow Me!

SEO, Page Ranks, and Traffic Wheels

So you want to rank higher in the Search Engines and you want to be found again, once you have been found. When and after you have been found!

First have you provided a link back to where you can be found once again, have you enticed your readers into book marking the page, they are currently on? Do your Blogs have RSS feeds? Do you have a Blog?

SEO is an on going venture, because always others are trying to steal your positions in these Search Engines. Have you register your site with any of these search engines? Most important is the Browser that you are using is it one of these search engines favorites?

I rank Higher in Google when I am using a windows Internet-net explorer browser, then any other of my Browsers. I use Firefox, Opera, Konqueror, and others as well. Do you need to use multiple Browsers? No I would think not, but remember there are still many of them, out there still being used many versions of themselves. And each will present your content differently to these search engines and their viewers.

Do you know your top search engines and your ranking sites? Do they know you? Your Google's, your Yahoo's, your Who is sites, the Alexa's, the Webboar's, and the many others out there. Are you registered with them? Have you searched your sites and their writes and/or materials, your photos, and videos on them? At all of these Search Engines? I search at least three to four times a week right now, to see where I am ranking and to get ideals, on what topics I can relate to my site, myself, and what it is I am doing. And what I am trying to do with my site, my poetry, and writes.

Have you employed the use of Badges, Widgets, and out going links? Do you employ all of them at all your Profiles Pages when your can. Do you use wet links or dry links? Are you taking every opportunity to be seen, but being passive and not overly aggressive about being seen?

It is not magic or dumb luck, although at times it may seem this way. No it is, being in the right place and at the right time! And in front of the readers, your readers. Those who share, and pick up on what you are sharing, teaching, or problem solving for them. If Only or even If only you are just entertaining them?

What drives your Traffic is the Relevancy and the importance of your content to your readers, and your followers. They want to laugh, cry, be informed, or be entice into thinking.

But they don't often times know, that this is what they want.

Your job is to think about what that might be! What it might or will do for them. You must be one step ahead of them. Or just wow them every once and awhile. But you want to be able to keep doing this, so don't over do this. WOW thing not every day as it will get old quickly.

So why is it I don't just come out and tell you all how to do this? Well it is different for every writer, poet, Advertiser, and freelancer. The Importance and relevancy is localize into groups and niches, topics, situations, etc. etc. This is in fact what makes the search engines what they are. And this is what they do 24 / 7 365 days a year. They group and rank relevancy with importance to topics, for their readers and/or their searchers.

I am leaving bread crumbs, hints and tips everywhere I go and visit. So that I can rank higher in these search engines. My site is register with Google's search and Yahoo search, but not with Bing, ASK, Lycos or any of these many others. As it no longer needs to be register with every new engine as these lower ranked search engines, they chase after the Big Dogs. I just need to register with those who have not taken notice of Me, or my sites and what it is I am doing.

The best way to be found is a Natural find and not a forced Black Hat Trick as these search engines are fast at work eliminating these Black Hat users. And they are constantly at work doing this task, so that they can provide the most and best Important and Relevant content for their readers and searchers.

This is in fact is how and what keeps them ranked. It is their performance in this task of organization of content. For more information on driving traffic, dig about in Sinbad the Sailor Man's sites.

Tags, do you use them?

Here are some of Sinbad's the Sailor Man's Tags. Meta Tags, write tags, and Keywords help and aid in page/ site ranking. SEO Devices such as pen names, signature sign offs, and sign ins, aberrations, catch phrases and many others.

Look close at these Tags learn more as you go, as you learn, you can earn, somebody come and play! Grow as we go Come along with us.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Pay attention to the little details. Stop by and look around and follow their lead.

Here are some of my Site's and their writes tags:

Social Networking, PW&OSfStSM, Sinbad the Sailor Man, Adsense, Earn, Learn, Grow, Go,Poetry, Writes,Other Stuff, Somebody, Come and Play, Sinbad, Sailor, Man, Amazon, Clickbank, Affiliations, Create, Website, Pay Per Click Publishers.

Poetry Writes & Other Stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man or PW&OSfStSM



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