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How Electric and Oil Industries can Improve Efficiency through IT Solutions

Updated on July 21, 2016

The electric, oil, gas and mining sectors are part of the hardhat industry where a day’s work entails heavy field operations and elbow grease. While these blue collar professions are labor intensive, they also entail tons of logistics and paper pushing. This aspect of the job is essential in ensuring smooth day-to-day operations as a single misprint in a manifest or a delay in data transfer can greatly hamper operations and set the business back thousands of dollars. Luckily, with the advent of the latest IT solutions, accurate and speedy document processing is now easier than ever.

Prominent Software Solutions

Just because electric and oil sectors are a hands-on industry does not mean that they can’t go digital when it comes to the logistical side of operations. There are plenty of software programs that take the guesswork and manual inputting out of the daily grind of paper work.

Consider some of the most utilized IT programs by small and large enterprises in the industry:

Digital Time Cards

Paper time cards are a nuisance to deal with. Trying to keep track of employee activity and looking through spreadsheets simply leaves too much room for human error. There is also always the problem of “buddy punching,” that incessant issue where one employee clocks in for an absent buddy, so he gets paid for the day even though he was a no-show. Furthermore, most digital time card systems also enable real-time tracking of employees and reduce errors that result in under or over payments.

Supply Chain Software

It’s not just the manpower but also the machinery, equipment and supplies that keep operations running. A large portion of overhead cost and resources are spent on ordering new supplies, equipment maintenance and repairs, and transporting goods. The right software ensures easy tracking of current inventory and monthly budget. This helps planners manage finances, ensures that supplies never run low, and that all incoming and outgoing supplies are received within a time frame.

Conferencing Systems

Whether it be with a private client, an enlisted job by the city, or a B2B interaction, companies will need to communicate and discuss matters that require a face-to-face meeting. Nowadays, conferencing software makes it easy to conduct a full-scale briefing without requiring physical attendance. Meeting organizers can invite selected individuals, all of whom can log into the meeting at just about any location with Internet access. Conferencing systems can also be used by managers to check in on their staffers who are out in the field; those requiring to check in or send a progress report can join a meeting using their smartphone or tablet.

GPS Tracking

GPS isn’t just for your car or for tracking the location of cargo. It is also frequently employed to track individual workers. It is used in this manner both as a productive and safety measure. It ensures that employees are doing their work and where they’re supposed to be when supervisors can’t be out in the field with them. It may also act as a safety function that requires employees to check in at regular intervals. This is especially an important feature for employees that routinely perform solo field work. In the event that the worker fails to check in, perhaps due to incapacitation from a sustained injury, a rescue crew can be dispatched to the location.

IT Enterprises for Electric and Gas Companies

Many software companies provide IT solutions for companies looking to streamline their business and automate the logistical side of operations. Keep in mind to look for an IT service provider that caters to the specific industry. Most IT services are general providers, and while they cater to most niches, they are not industry experts in any sector. Saleem Technologies, for example, is one such IT solutions provider that caters specifically to the electric and gas industry, and their products are designed particularly to meet the needs and demands of those fields. Furthermore, it also provides custom software as it recognizes that even companies within the industry have their own unique needs. Several other companies that offer industry-specific IT solutions include Schneider Electric and Cisco.

The electric, gas, coal and mining sectors are all areas in which productivity is absolutely critical with very little room for human error. Incorporating IT solutions into the business model won’t absolutely nullify the chances of a serious error, but it will at least expedite the logistical aspects of the work so that the focus can be redistributed to the boots on the field that are breaking sweat every day to make the business thrive.


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