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How To Get A Truck Driving Job With Paid Training

Updated on December 29, 2010

Paid CDL Training

There are few jobs or careers that are actually still in demand due to the recession, especially for those of us with only a high school education. There is still a lot of room for growth in the trucking industry. I wouldn't exactly call it a recession proof job but there will always be a demand for truck drivers. Due to the demand, over the road (otr) truckers are actually quite easy careers to get into, and I will do my best in this hub to explain how you can be an otr driver in less than a couple of weeks making good money.

How Much Money Do I Consider Good Money

Well what one considers good money can range largely from person to person, but the average first year long distance truck driver earns between $33,000 to 43,000 per year. As with any job there are pros and cons to the business, but if you learn how to overcome some obsticles one can easily be at the top of that figure.

Paid CDL Training

Paid CDL Training

There are a number of trucking companies that will hire you and pay you while you train to get your cdl.If you are offered a job by such a company the training process will be in two parts, classroom training and over the road training. The classroom training usually lasts about two to three weeks and afterwards there will be a short break to go home. Then you will start driving over the road with a trainer. OTR training can last from one month to three months depending on how quickly you catch on.

Classroom training

During the classroom portion of the training students will be paid a small amount of money, usually just enough to eat and survive ($100 to $200 per week), housing will be provided for you if you are to far from home. During the course there is a great deal of information to absorb so be prepared to be in class everyday, all day for about two to three weeks. There are many laws that you must know in order to obtain a commercial drivers license and It is very important to know all of these laws, otherwise you will lose most of the money you make in fines and downtime. Students will also learn how to drive a eighteen wheeler efficiently in order to reduce costs in fuel and repairs. At the end of the course you will go to the local dmv office to be tested and if you pass the test you will be issued a commercial drivers license.

Over the road training

After obtaining your cdls, you will be paired up with a trainer and start driving under there supervision. During this portion of the driver training students are generally given a flat rate salary of about $500 per week. Also during this time students will be given the opportunity to put what they learned in class into place while having an instructor to coach you along. The amount of time you spend driving with a trainer depends upon how quickly you learn. One month is a reasonable goal to set for yourself, however some students will take up to three months. Yourself and your driving trainer will decide together when you are ready to go on the road by yourself.

Finding a trucking job with paid training

If you have a clean driving record and a solid work history, this will surely be the easiest part of the process. There are many companies that will pay you while you train, such as schneider and p.a.m. Ask around for local companies as well, chances are you will find one within your own state. For some of the larger companies you can simply do a google search.

Talk to the recruiters for many different companies to make sure you find which trucking company will best suit you and your needs. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of how you will be paid during the training process, some will only pay you once you start the driving portion of the training, and some will only give you a loan that will be deducted from your paycheck. If you have a clean record and a good work history than shoot for the companies that do not require you to pay them back. Otherwise you might need to go with the other companies that are only giving you a loan.


in order to get a class a license, you must be healthy enough to endure the stress of working the long hours of a truck driver. truckers are required to take a d.o.t. physical each year to ensure you are healthy enough to be in this line of work. Be sure to visit your doctor to get any problems under control, and to make sure there are not any problems that you are unaware of.

You should also be sure that this is a career that you will be happy with before committing yourself to a contract in exchange for the driver training. Truck drivers are only home a few days every couple of weeks, the rest of the time you will be living inside an 18 wheeler. A career as an over the road truck driver is not easy, but there are many upsides to it as well. Be sure to do plenty of research before committing yourself to a contract in the trucking industry.


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    • profile image

      adam putman 3 years ago

      Ok now who can tell me what companey trains you and pays you while in training? I went with P#### at first, did not get enough training to back the simi in order to pass my CDL. They were more into getting the loads out for a month of OTR training?? and then try to teach you how to back the simi in order to pass your CDL.. And yes I am not the only one that was sent home without a CDL and a job that week, and i heard that this has been going on several years... I want to go to a training school and learn how to back the simi and get my CDL first and then go out and make real money for myself.. And by the way you spend a few weeks or a month with a trainer and they get paid off of the miles that you drive , and you do not get paid anything till you go back and get your CDL If I only known I would have went with someone that trained you all the way first and you have your CDL in hand and then go out in the real world...

    • profile image

      Larry thomas 6 years ago

      i am looking for a truck driving co. with payed cdl training i have a good driving record and good work history.please help me find a company that while training i get payed and do not have to pay back while training.some co give you a loan and some pay you when you start or after which co. pay you and you do not pay back while in training help me please thank you.

    • profile image

      Leon Bentley 6 years ago

      Thanks a lot for this write-up on Trucking. Trucking jobs are important, however typically overlooked in society. Our nation has to to back the trucking industry to help keep our country increasing.

    • profile image

      Wayne Stanton 6 years ago

      Many thanks for this Trucking post. Some great information that all drivers and managers of trucking companies could use. Continue the fantastic discussions!