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How To Find Jobs In UAE

Updated on April 12, 2019
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Born in Jordan, living in Egypt and working in UAE, Writing is what I love in my free time about traveling

How to look for the job of your dreams in the UAE

How to look for the job of your dreams in the UAE

Someone was asking about how to look for a job in the UAE, so we wrote this article to help you and others search for work.

If you intend to come on a visit visa, you must have a visa for at least three months because one or two months is not enough to look for work in the UAE, because you will find hundreds of highly experienced people working for the same job.

You will speak a lot of languages ​​to get the job in addition to your experience and qualifications, the most important of which is English. Without your chance to get the job you will be very few. You will deal with many nationalities and all speak English.

You must have at least $ 2,500 in cash, because you will use it in accommodation, transportation, food and other expenses. Do not forget that you will stay in the country for three months.

In principle, you should accept any job that suits you and your area of ​​expertise because there is a sharp competition between applicants. At least to gain experience in the state and at work

Resume and websites

Resume and websites

You must have a very professional and modern CV, be in English and comprehensively on all your qualifications and experience. Basically, half of applicants for a specific job have the appropriate qualifications. In this regard, the only thing that can make a person stand out from the crowd is a wonderful autobiography. Here we will cover a topic on helpful tips on how to make a complete resume - complete guidelines. good trip will provide you with an opportunity to meet potential employer requests and interview security. According to experts, a good CV must be free of grammatical errors and misspellings. Writing a resume is not difficult if you know the right tips on writing a resume, however, the ideal CV will help you find jobs easily in Dubai, as there is no special way of writing a resume. However, there are basic sections to include in your resume. First, your resume should contain personal information and detailed contact information, so potential employers can contact you if they need to know more about you. Second, you must include your education and qualifications. Third, be sure to include your business history and experience, if any. In addition, included relevant work skills, personal interests, hobbies, achievements etc ......

The best way to search for jobs is through the websites or through the daily newspapers. There are also many vacancies on the websites, and provides daily jobs for job seekers in Dubai and the Gulf countries. But not all sites are useful. You need to find and follow up important job placements where they include the most important jobs





Once you find or identify a potential employer for you, all you have to do is compile all the details of the employer you would like to get to get an idea of ​​the nature, scope and size of the business. According to my personal experience, there are many companies that place jobs on the company's own sites and do not place them on employment sites

Social Media


Social media

Social media

As everyone knows how social networking sites play a vital role in our lives as a mature and qualified young man, do not be shy about writing friends about finding a job in Dubai. And then join as many groups and pages as you can to connect yourself to the professional and these social sites

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Monthly Salary

Monthly Salary

If you do not know the potential salary for your specific job, do not be disappointed. There are many websites that will allow you to check the salary schedule of a freshman job or any job that interests you. You can visit many sites where you know your estimated paycheck. However, the actual salary depends only on the size of the company and the good thing is that the salary is not taxable in Dubai means that the income tax will not be applied to the salary you earn.



Interview work will never be easy. You meet new people in the interview and have to sell your skills and yourself for money. In this article, I will let you know that the 5 most successful tips to interview jobs for job seekers, how to stand up and prepare for a job interview, interview methods, tips and tips will help you get a job. That's why I've created a list of them and we'll discuss them so you can quickly prepare for your job. Once you have read the entire article, do not forget to implement it in your life

1. Appointment date:

There is no excuse for you without coming in time to meet your job. Try to arrive 10 minutes before the interview. It is vital to your career. You have to arrive before interviewing your job. It is important to have the best impression you get before the time

The first impression is the last impression. If your first impression is excellent, there are plenty of opportunities you can get. When you arrive a little early for an interview, you can observe the place and you cannot feel the tension. The day before the interview your job packs additional copies of your resume

2. The Behavior:

Many companies use behavioral questions. This means when they ask you a question that you give them specific examples. Only you will be given the job if you meet the skills required. You have the skills, you need a lot of training, so you can surprise those who are interviewing you.

3. Personality:

As you know, attendance and shyness are everything. With a positive personality, you can attract people. It is important to meet your job and a good career that DAT is a positive personality. Where you can amaze those who interview with you through good character, good attendance and self-confidence. If you are a person with a good personality, it is very easy for you to pass your job interview, many job seekers forget attendance and confidence in their self-esteem, which is why they cannot pass in their interview job. But you cannot forget it because it is a matter of your career and your life. So always be positive and your presence should not be negative

4. Intuitive speed:

Show your job interview all you have and all your skills when answering questions. Use examples of your search results when prompted. Try to relax your body and relax during the interview. Do not feel the tension in your mind, show your boss what you have and what you can do. If you like your boss, you can definitely get the job. Just relax your mind and do not feel nervous and stay calm during the interview. Just show in your interview what you have and what you can do

5. Calm:

In an interview job, many people feel pressure, they are confused and then fail to interview their work. But you will not. During your business interview try to relax your mind and feel as freely as possible. Listen to the entire question and answer the question. You will be embarrassed if you forget the answer. It is important to keep your interview calm and relaxed, remember that body language says more about you and then answer the question. You do not have to worry about just interviewing your practice and positive and showing off in the interview what you have and what you can do then you can easily get the job. Keep calm before and during the interview and try to relax your mind and feel no pressure

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Farouk Moustafa


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