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How Foursquare helps in business

Updated on September 4, 2012

Foursquare is a new service integrated by Facebook that allows users to check in different stores, restaurants, bars, lounges and shops, but also giving them the possibility to find the respective locations in their area. considering all those aspects, a smart owner of a business would think about Foursquare as a great tool to promote his or her business, and to increase the fame of the respective restaurant, club, bar, or any other kind of business.

A smart manager will check Foursquare to determine the overall quality of the business. after all, a person that checks in on Facebook whenever he enters your restaurants means that the respective person had a positive experience, and if the respective person posts a positive review about your business, thousands of other people would see the respective review. Form this point of view, Foursquare can be considered as the perfect tool to benefit of free publicity. Of course, the tool also has its disadvantages, as bad news travel faster than good news, and a negative review will surely be remembered for a long time by any user.

A good reputation on Foursquare becomes mandatory for any successful business. a person looking for a restaurant in your area will surely go for the one that has the largest number of positive reviews, and this is why the competition in the online world is just as big as the one from the real world.

A business manager can create an account on Foursquare, as this way, it will be easy to assess and to determine the overall experience of clients. This way, the manager will be noticed whenever a person posts a review about his business. this is how the manager can create an interactive connection with the clients, making them to feel respected, and convincing them to come back.

Foursquare For Business Video Tutorial


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