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How Google adsense works in Nigeria

Updated on January 7, 2013

Google Adsense is one of the most popular publishing programs adopted by website owners all over the world and in Nigeria, a country with one of the highest number of internet users in Africa, the case is not too different.

I can remember as far back as 8 years ago when the idea of making money sprung up in my mind and I started browsing the web, looking for ways to monetize my internet time. One way I quickly found out was affiliate marketing. As a result of my desire to earn more from affiliate marketing, I started getting involved with blogging and writing articles on a website which I hosted for free. However, I soon discovered Google adsense, a relatively new program by Google that allows web content owners to make money from their traffic. For me and many others in Nigeria, Google adsense was the turning point.

There are truly may ways to make money online in Nigeria but making money through the Google adsense program in Nigeria seems to be the easiest as one needs not sell anything or make any referrals but simply earns income for pushing good traffic to Google. It works in such a way that website owners would not need to get advertisers directly but rather focus on generating user friendly content while allowing Google to do the job of getting the advertisers. Google adsense works in such a way as to help both the publisher and advertiser while giving a commission to Google.

Google adsense is creating jobs

Google adsense is growing in Nigeria as a high number of people and website owners are aware of it. When it comes to already published content on the web, Nigerian websites are not lacking behind as it has one of the highest number of blogs in Africa that are already into content publishing with Adsense.

Due to the high level of unemployment in Nigeria, more and more internet savvy youths have taken to Google adsense as a life saver. For some of them, Google adsense is probably their only source of real income as more people now publish with adsense for a living. Website owners who are mostly involved with Google adsense are educated young people who have a knack for the internet, know a bit of web designing and recognize the importance of content as King. Truth be told, adsense has made a lot of unemployed Nigerians into millionaires and they are quite a good number who make more than $3000 a month just from the program.

Google Adwords in Nigeria is growing

When it comes to getting online advertisers, Google definitely has a lot of local Nigerian companies already using adwords. Companies in the entertainment, telecom, real estate, investment and banking sector are already using Google adwords and this is helping the growth of Nigerian content on the web as more adsense publishers find it rewarding, even if their websites are mostly local content. So, more bloggers in Nigeria tend to make a good income just by writing about issues targeted at Nigerians along and even celebrities and politicians have recognized the power of blogging, even if not necessarily for money. There are also other networks which have a growing presence in Nigeria besides Adwords but I think the one that offers the most threat is Ad:Dynamo, a relatively new kid on the block, from South Africa which is trying to also capture a lot of online advertisers. However, adwords remains strong force and offers Nigerian companies the widest platform for reaching their online audience. The presence of more Google adwords customers has only translated to more income for adsense publishers in Nigeria and this has been growing over the years.

How it works

Google adsense in Nigeria works by rewarding website owners for their content and how much traffic they are able to drive to their advertisers. The reward is based on clicks and impressions made on behalf of Google and her customers. A click on ads displayed by Google on a publishers website can pay up to $0.10 or more depending on the cost per click. Publishers are also able to earn income for special ads based on the impressions they make.

Getting started with Google adsense

In order to become an adsense publisher and start making money with Google, a Nigerian publisher would have to fulfill some basic requirements:

  1. Have an existing website with content and traffic
  2. Have a valid email address
  3. Adheres to Google content policy
  4. Apply for Google adsense account

Having an existing website that has content is where most people have to start. It could be a blog, an article site or a news website. It should be a website that already attracts traffic and useful to people in the long run. It should not be a site that contains harmful content or works against Google's advertisers like cracking or abusive sites. A good website with at least 40 pages and good traffic could be qualified for the program

Applying for a Google adsense account is also required as you can't just sign up but need to be apply, submit your application, wait for approval or denial before gaining entry into the program. Google will actually approve your account if you have a good website and it is in the kind of niche they like. Once approved, one would be given the codes to paste onto their website in order to start generating some income.

Payment options

In Nigeria, the basic and only payment option available to Google adsense publishers is an international bank cheque. Most publishers are however hoping that Google would introduce other options like Western union - which is only available to few African countries.

A Nigerian publisher is paid the next month following the month in which his earnings accumulated to at least $100 or 70 Euros. The cheque can be sent by snail or express mail to the registered address of a publisher who has initially verified his address with a pin mailer from Google. Most publishers tend to prefer express mail which costs about 17 Euros on their account.

To clear an adsense cheque in Nigeria, one would need to have a domiciliary(foreign currency) account, pay in the cheque and then wait for it to be cleared in about 21 days.


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