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How Greed Can Effect Us Negatively

Updated on March 21, 2018
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Claudette Carter, is thrilled to share the good news of Jehovah God's kingdom and its hope for the future with people of all nations.

The Tragedy of Greed

Greed Through A Fake Account With PayPal and

For the past few weeks, I have never fully comprehended what PayPal or was. I signed up like an innocent lamb who was looking for part-time writing assignment jobs as a writer. When I signed up, the account was offered for free. Please be aware, it is not free. Due to ignorance, I did not keep up with what was being deposited through #PayPal on behalf of Freelancer. Around November 2016, I went on thinking I was signing up to receive help. My site clearly shows I signed up "for free" because I was sure, once an individual is hired for a job, Freelancer receives some type of commission. I have never received a job or any type of assignment. For some reason after seven months Freelancer allowed a business from India to hack my account, placing bids that were fraudulent. Then through PayPal which is an affiliate of Freelancer, a check was put into my account for a professional fee of $796. I totally felt violated and there was no real explanation given to me or my bank. Freelancer just put in some type of check through my PayPal account which does not show up on my account information until it was completed.

Within their minds, it was legal although no explanation was given except, "Oh when you signed up on this so-called free sight, you agreed to pay this $796 that can be removed through PayPal which is an affiliate of Freelancer without explanation or notification. About a week later, I had to go to my projects on my Freelancer page and find out what the problem really was. It was a fake account someone set up where bids were placed from India. Please, please be careful with these #digital wallets which can cause devastation if you are hacked. So please be careful dealing with such companies as Freelancer, PayPal and any other digital wallet programs.

Detrimental Effects of Greed in the Medical and Banking Industry

The detrimental effects of greed in the medical and banking industry today are abhorrent. A recent report about EPIPEN's outrageous increase for this vital medical device was discussed on award-winning news program CBS This Morning. The subject was entitled, Taking Shots At EpiPen. Congress will interrogate CEO of #Mylan, the maker of this product regarding the huge price spikes. An interview brought political leaders together for a down to earth discussion about the problem of greed with the #EPIPEN. Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings stated, "I think it is about greed. That is why I call it blood money." Republican Congressman Jason Chase said, "I think we are very united with the concern. I can't even begin to imagine a parent who is forced to take a risk with the life of their child." Each representative felt that greed is the true source of these increased costs for this product.

Greed in the medical industry continues to increase. Gayle King of CBS This Morning, presented these facts and figures, "The list price of brand-name drugs rose an average of 9.2% from 2015." She then went on to express what a visit to the #pharmacy could cost as Gayle stated: "A trip to the pharmacy can trigger a sticker shock. Americans spend an estimated $450 billion with a 'b' dollars on prescription drugs in 2016."

Greed and Disappointment Within the Banking Industry

The banking industry has also proven to be a source of greed and disappointment. #CBS This Morning did a news report entitled, Breaking the Bank. Warren Slams Wells Fargo CEO Over Account Scandal. Greed once again raises its ugly head which caused Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, to sharply criticize Wells Fargo's CEO #John Stumpf, over the accounting scandal. One news correspondent explained, "Bank Chief testified that employees created fake bank accounts to pad sales numbers." Stumpf attempted to express sorrow "to our customers and to our team members and to the American public." Even after these less than endearing expressions by #Well Fargo's CEO, Senator Warren did not hesitate to sharply criticize this act of greed by stating, "You should resign. You should give back the money while this scam was going on and you should be criminally investigated by both the Department of Justice and the Securities Exchange Commission. This just isn't right." During the report it was also mentioned as a source of consolation to customers, "Wells Fargo is paying $185 million dollars in fines to settle fraud allegations that date back to at least 2011. Investigations have been opened by Federal Prosecutors and the House Financial Service Committee." This type of greed has caused a lack of trust in the banking industry today. How sad that we have to trust the future of our financing with these type of individuals.

Previous Scams That Exhibited Horrific Signs of Greed

The effects of greed on human living are quite apparent today. The life story of Bernie Madoff was a clear example of, "excessive consumption of or desire for material things," which brought nothing but misery and pain to his clients and family. A television mini-series entitled #Madoff, features #Richard Dreyfuss, Blythe Danner, Tom Lipinski, Danny Deferrari and Peter Scolari, presents "The rise of investment adviser Bernie Madoff, his abrupt demise, and its impact on his family, investors, and associates." The lead actor Dreyfuss appeared on late night television program Jimmy Kimmel. He indicated that after careful research people discovered Madoff, did this scam based "on pure evil."

How sad it was to hear that the son of Bernie, Mark Madoff, took his life due to the legacy of pain and suffering left by the greed of his father. A few years ago, Bernie Madoff stole millions of dollars in a Ponzi scheme. Mark turned his father in after he discovered the lies and deceit perpetrated by Bernie. Many of his victims said that Mark should have known what his father was doing. Whether the son was aware of his father's actions is irrelevant at this time. Too many lives have been destroyed by this deadly sin. It is time to acknowledge greed's destructive nature and work hard to eliminate it.

More than 3,000 years ago, King Solomon made the profound statement, "A lover of silver will never be satisfied with silver, nor a lover of wealth with income. This too is futility." (Ecclesiastes 5:10, NWT of the Holy Scriptures ) These words are appropriate for us today. When we pursue materialism to the extreme degree as Bernie Madoff; futility or vanity is just part of our inner troubles. All of the money, homes, jewelry, and things he possessed did not make him or his family happy. The temporary feeling of happiness or flattery received from others could not have been worth what he has experienced. #Madoff sowed the seeds of greed and manipulation. Today he reaped the legacy of death for his son and misery for his family. No amount of money is worth the death of your child.

Greed in the HealthCare Industry Today

Television news program #CBS This Morning, was the first to report that "Maker of a life saving medical device is now under congressional scrutiny over a massive price hike. We first reported last week how the cost of the #EPIPEN for people with allergies have risen nearly 500% since 2009." News correspondent Vinita Mair took the initiative to interview one of the most controversial executives who defended the increase, #Martin Shkreli. Without hesitation, Martin arrogantly expressed, "I think important medicine should be expensive because they are valuable." #Greed, was obviously the foundation of Martin Shkreli's statement when he, "gained notoriety last year by rationing up the cost of a #Malaria and HIV medication by 5000%. He defends the EPIPEN's increase to about $100 for a pack in 2009 to more than $600 this year."

Political Leaders Discuss Issues of Greed

The current political episodes of presidential candidates have created an intriguing perspective on greed today. #Bernie Sanders, a candidate for president stated, "Something is wrong when the rich get richer rather than focus on whether the President is American and Christian." Sanders, went on to discuss how "voters should not have to serve the rich." In an interesting statement with Chris Cuomo of New Day on CNN, Bernie Sanders, stated this about greed and who is really controlling this country, "Billionaires are now buying this country...58% of the wealth goes to the top 1%," wealthiest people in the world. He feels they should definitely be paying more taxes. This type of #greed not only causes lower classes to be poor but also ignored. Sanders went on to agree that "the poor cannot continue to be ignored."

How Can We Protect Ourselves From the Greedy

What can we learn from these tragic examples of greed? We cannot stop everyone in the world from practicing this #deadly sin. Individuals who implement greed in their lives daily should try to learn a lesson from Madoff's tragedy. Today there are so many scams, especially on the internet. The scams for at home businesses is rampant. Individuals, who create these schemes, prove that their love for money is totally based on selfish desire. How much material things they can obtain becomes their focus. The fact that these things accomplished through manipulation of others, will not make them happy. These material things can be destroyed or lost. They cannot console or be there for you when you are depressed or hurt.

Like statutes, they are lifeless and cold. Greedy humans who hurt or manipulate others to get these things, forget that at death you cannot take them with you. All of their struggles to acquire more and more things become useless. Greed also blinds them to the fact that all have a Heavenly Father, who sees all that we do. Even individuals who try to proclaim that God does not exist; still have a conscience to battle with. That inner desire to do what is good or right remains with each of us. No, we cannot change the world but we can look at ourselves individually and learn to be content with what we have. When we keep things simple, it eliminates the excessive desire for things that cannot make us happy.

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Bernie Madoff Scams America is a video from YouTube


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    • Angelladywriter profile image

      Claudette Coleman Carter 6 years ago from Media, Pennsylvania

      Hi Etter2001,

      I agree, that greed can effect our personal and business lives. How simple it can be, if each of us applied the Golden Rule Jesus spoke of, concerning love for Jehovah God and love for your neighbor as you would love yourself. We would then avoid greed, where we put money or things before others or ourselves.

    • Etter2001 profile image

      Etter2001 6 years ago

      Greed can also effect personal and business lives. Such as, family, small businesses, and others.