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How Heathrow authorities can make contacts with stakeholders and develop business relationships

Updated on January 5, 2015

Making contacts with the stakeholders and building business relationships with them is vital in the decision-making process, and it involves several steps. Contacting the stakeholders involves communicating with them in an effective and efficient manner. In the context of Heathrow, this can be achieved in various ways, such as direct communication in conferences, communications via mass media, communications via social sites in the internet, communications via letters and communications via print media (Mumford, Gold & Thorpe, 2012). Prior to engaging the stakeholders in the decision-making process, the authorities of Heathrow should identify all the key stakeholders and their characteristics and interests. For instance, the shareholders own small parts of the Heathrow airport and they expect their investments to be used well and in a profitable manner. The managers are skilled organized, accountable and answerable, and they expect to be paid adequately, to be recognized and to be respected. The employees have specific skills to carry out particular tasks and they expect to be compensated adequately, to be respected and to be given ample time to relax. The airlines utilize Heathrow airport and they expect to be given quality services. In short, the authorities of Heathrow should ensure that all the expectations of the different stakeholders are met (Mumford et al., 2012).

Secondly, identifying the way different stakeholders can behave after they are given information by Heathrow authorities about the proposed projects is also vital. For instance, the airline companies and customers would choose an option that will completely do away with delays. The surrounding communities are likely to choose an option that will not disrupt them or that will remove existing disruptions. The shareholders are likely to choose an option that is more profitable. In short, all the expected behaviors of different stakeholders should be taken into account (Mumford et al., 2012).

Further, the authorities should determine the power and interest that each stakeholder group has on Heathrow. The power of the different stakeholders can be assessed using the following power/interest matrix:


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