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How I Became A Yogi (Prequel to From Yogi to Yogacharya)

Updated on June 26, 2013

Better Than Any Movie

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The Story Begins...

I grew up in the forests, by the rivers, frolicing in the apple trees. Forts, biking, camp fires, climbing, swimming, fishing and any adventure your mind could create was blossoming throughout my growing years. The land was our playground and everyday was savoured, every ray of sun was absorbed, every breeze was felt and our minds flourished with the vast knowledge that accompanied us throughout our childhood.

My life as the youngest of three girls was adventurous. Our family was close and we lived in the apple country of upper New York state. Having two older sisters, only 2 years and 10 days between myself and the oldest, made it for even more interesting, death defying journeys. We experienced our own journeys and also at the same time our parents guided us on other adventures, life's journeys.

Education was at the frontline of our growth. Historical, educational adventures throughout the land around the valley in which our family resided, grew and lived were always occurring. Surrounded by a land rich in history from the nation's early years entangled with our own family heritage provided us with many fun filled field trips.

Adventures and fun, educations and morals. Life was relatively wonderful and splendorous with all the fruits any childhood should be bestowed with. I knew very young I wanted to be a teacher. I liked education and enjoyed sharing that information accumulated with whomever would want to learn. A vast bank of useless knowledge that in some form would help others and myself through the few years we have existed.

It was in highschool I first heard of yoga. Some of my friends were talking about it and doing some of the poses like tree pose. It interested me. It had always interested me. I first really had come to know yoga as contortionism. As the smallest and most flexible and nimble, I was accustomed to squeezing into tight spots or out of them, trying to do flips and handstands, or anything gymnastics related. As well as maybe watching a television show or seeing an act at the county fair involving a sideshow and their performers. And of course this was all done out in the yard, so knocking the wind out of myself or the occasional bumps and bruises would occur.

Hudson River

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The journey moves onward...

Being that there was three of us we had the basic after school activities on our schedule but nothing beyond that due to financial reasons. So I had my fulfillment of sports throughout my youth and teenage years. I was in shape, had muscles, could run pretty far (former soccer player) and even excelled in some areas of the field. But again I was drawn towards the form of the sports. I preferred the field events than running when it came to be track season. I was a triple jumper. Pretty cool insane, hop, skip, leap action. I felt alive when I did it. I started to explore pole vaulting, but my time ran out and graduation was upon me. Now it was off to college.

College was a new experience. Freedom. I was able to take the classes I wanted to and enjoy the fruits of education. In particular I was able to take a yoga class with a real live teacher and it counted as my physical education credit. I went to a basic community college, was able to because of a scholarship I had received for being in the top of my class in high school. There I acquired education that finally resulted in an Associates of Science with my major being in graphic design. Honestly the only thing I really discovered in college was I didn't want to waste so much paper, I detest MAC computers and to get an A in my photography class you had to have a nude selfy. Oh yes, the most important thing of all, yoga.

Two years I practiced yoga every Wednesday. We had to keep a journal and it was only 45 minutes long of a class. We shared the gym with other classes so balls bouncing and people shouting always were vibrating throughout. Still it was pure bliss. Learning to relax, tune out my mind and the millions thoughts and information that swam around daily in it. It was wonderful to stretch and actually elongate and tone my muscles that were slowly deteriorating because college and work did not allow for the physical activity my body once underwent. Yoga brought me the serenity my mind, body, and soul needed to get through college and the next phase of my adolescent life.

Lost along the path...

Now in my early twenties and all on my own, life was finally my own. And with this came all the likes and dislikes of growing up. I had my own apartment. I had a degree, but did not use it at all, instead took up a regime of usually 2 to 3 jobs. Making money to survive and to have some fun. I went out to the bars and clubs. I hung out with old high school friends and acquired new ones along the way. Life was great. But like any good times, more sorrowful days were upon my life. Deaths and negativity were surrounding my existence. Stress, anxiety, money problems, health, everything was going down the toilet.

My own selfish ways were engulfing my senses. I was and am a caring, loving persons and life was turning me into a monster, into someone I didn't know. No longer practicing yoga or any rel exercise because my budget nor grueling schedule could afford it, I had some old VHS tapes of pilates that I adapted a mediocre exercise routine around. I knew I needed that release. I need some "me" time but not selfish "me" time. Similar to yoga, pilates lacked the fundamentals I was yearning for, the philosophical undertone was missing. I needed to educate my brain, I needed to add more functioning knowledge to the compact useless knowledge. I picked up a book and read. The 400 plus pages of self help and psychology of chakras helped my self heal. Again yoga was my rescue.

Healed and happy life once again illuminated the path for me to see. Yoga always lurking in the trees, the air, the rain, your heart, your brain, your soul. Yoga was always there to help me when the path was hard to find. Yoga was the way of life that was most suitable for my exist. Yoga is what I am and who I am. Love, family, marriage and a child would soon span the next half decade of my life bringing my age up to its third decade. Here anothering awakening would be waiting. One that would finally bring me to the full aspect of yoga being my life.

Books Encountered In Yogic Journey

Further Your Mind, Body and Soul

© 2013 Taura Rutigliano


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