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How I Make Money On eBay Part Three

Updated on September 24, 2013

Thinking Before You Leap

If you are serious about starting on eBay I suggest you start at the begining of my series if you already havent... How I Make Money On eBay Part One

Here is where I made my biggest mistake in starting my business... I did not put a lot of thought into what or how I was going to do it.... I felt I had the right product and that everything else would fall into place.

Thanks To God alone for getting me through my mess of a start. looking back a better plan would have been very helpful. There was alot of things I didnt think about when I started South Jersey Flags like shipping cost, packaging materials, labels, and a bunch of other things... Just like then I am rushing to the finish line with out taking the time to think it out fully...

Know Your Weakness First

Like I just said I always seem to get way ahead of myself, I have been looking for someone to run my business for me for over a year, most people think I am kidding, but I am serious...

Just a side note, I went to work at a very early age, God put a man in my life that once had 3000 employees, he took me under his wing, and taught me a lot about business, one of the first things he taught me was to know my weaknesses, and to surround myself with the best people to make up for my weaknesses...

My biggest weakness is being organized, if I were to find someone that could take my business, make it more organized, and give me a daily list of things that needs to get done I would probably double my income...

Now I know my weakness, and as long as I keep that on my mind at all times, I try to make up for it, but most times I am like a bull in a china shop that just got smacked in the ass, I run around frantic all the time...

Research Your Product

Now I was telling you all before my business started out of boredom... Dont get me wrong I have failed more times then I care to count at business, I always dreamed of being successful, but this time was a little different...

Dad had Alzheimer's and I was taking care of him near the end of his life while my mother worked, it was hard on everyone but looking back it was the greatest time in my life, I learned more during those days with dad then any other time in my life.

So one day when he was napping and I was surfing, trying to not go stir crazy sitting around watching him sleep, I started searching eBay for an idea on how to make money online...

I am sure you know the ads I am talking about, Get RICH Quick!!! Fire Your Boss Tomorrow!!! and I kept saying to myself, I have bought all this junk before and never made much money let alone been able to pay bills...

I knew eBay brought millions of people across their pages everyday, I knew that I had to have a product to sell, that I had to be able to buy a product cheap, and sell it for a profit... So I kept looking, money was one thing I didnt have alot of during this search.

I looked at everything from used baby clothes, to watches, to computers and laptops... None of them really hit me, then I found the flag section of eBay... not sure how, now that is a lie, God lead me there... I remembered all the times I need a flag on the back of my motorcycle and how hard they were to find...

So I started looking around, I started watching, and I noticed a few things, first, there wasnt many people selling flags, when you compare it to say, computers or cell phone parts... But more importantly it struck a cord within me.... Pride in My service to this country, Pride in America, and thinking of all the families I had ridden for that buried their son or daughter from the War On Terror. I knew in an istant, I found the right product...

But where do I get them... I wanted to sell American made.... You know keep America working... help the fellow American out...

Where To Get Your Product

Well like I said I bought hundreds of the get rich quick scams on eBay, so the first place I looked was through some of the old ebooks floating around on CD that I had... one of them was buying and reselling on eBay, so the first place I looked was eBay... well that was a joke, there was no one really selling wholesale lots of flags for resell. (before you ask it is on my to do list LOL ) SO then I started looking for American made flags in google...

Get the waders out, it took quite awhile to get through all the information on American made Flag Companies, well I started calling them, trying to buy wholesale, dang they are not cheap, one company wanted a 2500.00 order just to get in the door, plus I had to have a retail store set up...

Well my hopes faded, but I knew I could make a few bucks selling flags on eBay, so I started looking for wholesale flags in google... LOL what ajoke, before you go looking for a product to buy at wholesale through a search engine, take my advice dont use the word WHOLESALE... I got more leads to places wanting to sell me a retail priced flag labeled wholesale to the public, then I though would exsist...

Now I found a few places, and I got to tell you it is scary to buy from a website, when you are talking about everything you got... I had one credit card, with about 800 bucks on it, and then I was all in... Again God was with me, I have heard all the horror stories out there about ordering and getting nothing from china...

I now order from the same company over 2 years later, I have done over 100,000.00 in business with them, and looking forward to growing even larger... Now I got lucky, I know I did, I had God watching over me is all I can say... I recommend you do not follow my footsteps... remember I said I will write about my mistakes as well so yiou dont make them...

Now I have a sourcing website I am going to suggest, it is like the eBay of wholesale sites.. it is BUT dont just run over there, just like eBay there are alot of scams, but some of the great things about this site are feedback, contact forms, rating system, and it is one of the largest sites for importers in the world...

They carry so many products, not flags though... LOL... Most of these products come from Asia, so remember to allow a lead time for ordering... Once you find your product, and where you are going to buy it from, your research has just begun...

Dont pull out that credit card just yet... There is much more research to do first...

Read more about the cost of doing business and fees fees and more fees right here How I Make Money On eBay Part Four


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    • angelicwarriors profile imageAUTHOR

      John Chartier 

      7 years ago from EHT New Jersey

      @ drspaniel yes, the next part will talk about all the mistakes I made with pricing and covering fees and profit margins... Looking back I wish I would have done more research, but I always seem to jump in with both feet... Thankfully God had my back on this one... part of this is to show all the mistakes I made on eBay to try and save others from making the same ones... thank you for stopping by..

    • angelicwarriors profile imageAUTHOR

      John Chartier 

      7 years ago from EHT New Jersey

      @leegis most information sources tell you to sell out your house, BUT they dont follow up with the then what do you sell... Thanks for the comment I will be continuing the series I am hoping 3 to 4 times a week depending on time...

    • drspaniel profile image


      7 years ago from Somewhere, where the sun shines once a year...

      Yes research is key when thinking of buying/selling a product on Ebay. Otherwise you could end up buying something for too much, or selling something for too little. (Vice versa.)

    • leegis profile image


      7 years ago from Arizona

      Interesting approach to making money. I, personally, do make money on eBay selling various items, and I recommend it as a way of making money.


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