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How I earned $10.000 in 2 years on Elance

Updated on January 19, 2015

Use your knowledge to make money

While freelancing only pays you for work you complete, it does provide you with a source of income and you also develop mechanisms that will assist you to create residual income later.

Let me tell you about my own experience, for if I have been able to do it, I don't see why you couldn't. First thing you need is some kind of expertise whatsoever in some field, anything will do, I am quite sure you possess some skills of some sort that you could outsource. Whether it be language skills, copywriting skills, tutoring skills among a zilion others, all that matters is that there are people willing to pay for your services.

First create a profile in some freelancing site, Elance worked for me, for you it could work as well or any other of the same species, there's quite a few of them. Some will choose to create a profile in several sites, personally I would not choose this option as it prevents you from really concentrate on one site in order to maximize your chances of getting work.

Now, there's no special secret in getting jobs, you need to make yourself available and bid on all the jobs you believe are a good match for you, what do I mean by bid on jobs? There's competition meaning other people like me and you are also offering their services and you need to stand out in some way, a detailed and customed proposal is a good start, you do not have necessarily to be the lowest bidder, avoid this behavior in fact, as it will be more harmful than beneficial in the long run.

Once you completed your profile, throwed in a few samples and are familiar with the site interface, you should send bids/proposals to customers, truth to be told, and given that getting the first job is the tricky part, there's nothing wrong in starting with a low paying assignment, even if it takes some time to complete, it provides you with the opportunity to gain experience, a little bit of money and last but not the least a well-deserved feedback should you complete the task to a high standard.

You're good to go, this is not quantum physics, so put in some effort and you'll be rewarded I guarantee,

Good luck!


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