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Writing can be fun and profitable.

Updated on January 27, 2017
Me (The tall guy) with Jose in Puerto Rico!
Me (The tall guy) with Jose in Puerto Rico!

Do you like writing?

When you first start off as a writer, you've got to ask yourself-Do I like writing? If your response is NO, then look for sometime else to do. If you can't enjoy writing, then you are going to be miserable. A good writer enjoys writing and yes, if you are good, the money will come. The talented writer writes because he/she likes it and would even write for free. A good place to start is with the hub pages. You, usually, won't make much money but it is a great way to go. Start writing about your favorite subject and write just because you like it.

How I made money writing

I know that a lot of you are salivating for this. You want to know the facts. How can I write for money? If you like what you do and you are willing to work hard, the money is there. I need to warn you, this is not a rags to riches. I am, still, struggling to make some good money, but I have made some money and you can too! I have, already, written two articles for an ezine publication and have won two awards, but you know what? No money. I had to seek and find other resources.

Let me share some thoughts on making some money. There are some ads that you pay a fee and they promise to get you some freelancing jobs. Save your money. These people sell the sizzle without the steak. You can do your own homework and get a job. There are a couple of steps to do when getting a freelance job.

Don't get Frustrated with writing!


Go to Craigslist

Craigslist offers a variety of freelance jobs, not just in your area but in different cities and states. If you are applying, they want to see your credentials. Build yourself as a writer and start to work for some ezines. Do a Google search and get connected to some ezine websites. Remember, when writing for an ezine publication website, you include your back links to your hubs, websites and blogs.There you can make yourself known and win some awards that will enhance your resume. Also, you can write an article in the General section under community in Craigslist. I have increased my traffic to my blogs and hubs just by putting my backlinks in their section.


Now this may have a strange sound, but it is well worth it. Many have criticized this as a "digital sweat shop", but this is well worth your time. You can make some money, but you got to be ahead of the game. You got to maintain a high score. My advice, don't bother with the nickel and dime items. Go for the gusto. I have been successful in writing real estate articles that pay $1.00 or more for 150 words. Also, you may find some writing jobs for up to $8.00 an article, but there are strict requirements. Make sure you ask questions and above all, pay attention to details. Failure to do this can result in a low score and can affect future writing jobs. The neat thing is that you can use your profits as a discount to purchase Amazon products.


Blogging can be fun! A blog is like having a mini website.There are different companies that offers free blogs. If you want to get serious, get yourself a domain. A domain will help put you in a better standing with search engines. Most of the domains are as low as $10.00 per year! You can, even, make some money by reviewing sales articles in your blog, but be careful. If you are reviewing a shady company's product, your reputation could suffer.

A blog can be profitable when you get Google adsense, Amazon and E-bay. If people enjoy your blog, chances are that you are going to get customers to buy from your blog. Also,make sure you have some backlinks to your hubs and other publications. The question is-How do I get traffic? Write, Write and Write! Also, get familiar with SEO procedures. It is a plus. Hubpages offers an in-depth look at SEO training.

Be open to new ideas.


The Content Authority

Last, but not least, is the Content Authority. There is some money to be made and it is well worth your time. A word of warning, these guys are very strict in their selection, so brush up on your grammar. You can find some great online helps for grammar. I hope this helps a few of you who are struggling. Allow me to offer some advice, challenge yourself,expand your vision and don't give up. Be creative and write an E-book. Now, more than ever, there are great ways in which you can make it as a writer. An E-book is not expensive and if you know what you are doing, there are instructional videos on youtube that will show you how to create one, There are ways in which you can market your E-book, check out Amazon or Barnes and Nobles, they will publish it for free.

What are you waiting for?

So, if you got what it takes to be a writer, you can have a future! Don't quit your job, because what you will learn will be thru trial and error. I hope these tips will help you, Free fee to share your experiences as a writer. Us writers need to "stick" together!

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