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How Important Is A Certificate Of Authenticity When Buying Iraqi Dinar?

Updated on December 3, 2014

Certificate Of Authenticity From BuyIraqiDinarHere.Com

This is an example of a Certificate of Authenticity also referred to as a COA.
This is an example of a Certificate of Authenticity also referred to as a COA. | Source

What is a COA or Certificate of Authenticity

When you purchase Iraqi Dinar many of the more professional and reputable dealers will include a Certificate of Authenticity along with your purchase. Many buyers wonder what a COA is? And also what is the purpose of a COA?

A Certificate of Authenticity for Iraqi Dinar is the same concept as a Certificate of Authenticity for sports collectibles, Hollywood memorbilia, a rolex watch, or anything else for that matter. It's basically a certificate or a form stating that the item is the real deal. One unique difference about a COA in regards to the Iraqi Dinar and other items is with sports memorbilia it's generally an unbiased third party issuing the Certificate, where as in the case of the Iraqi Dinar it's the same dealer who is selling you the item who is also issuing the certificate.

So what is the point of a Certificate of Authenticity? As we mentioned above, in the case of sports or Hollywood memorbilia it's issued by a third party and assuming the third party authenticator is a trusted source you can pretty much gurantee your item is legitimate.

In the case of Iraqi Dinar the certificates tend to say something along the lines of these DInar are real, they are of non-criminal origins, and the company selling them is Registered to do so and follows appropriate industry laws.

So do they serve any purpose? Yes and no. A Dinar Dealer who issues a Certificate of Authenticity is basically putting it out there that they stand behind their product and are legally registered to sell their product. A COA is also kind of a neat novlety to have and a keepsake for your Iraqi Dinar purchase. Do the COA's serve any practical purpose though? Will they be necessary to sell your Iraqi Dinar down the road? Absolutely not.

Here's why. First off like we mentioned above, typically a Certificate of Authenticity is issued by a unbiased third party, not the seller themselves. Secondly, anyone can print a form on their computer, it means nothing. The Certificates also do not typically tie your certain notes ie Dinar notes serial numbers 001 - 005 to you and your certificate. Because they do not tie directly to notes any Certificate could be paired with any Dinar, even if it's fake, and nobody would be the wiser. The Certificates also tend not to be serial numbered themselves meaning there's no strict controls over what certificates are issued to what people.

Lastly, as to the question of whether you will need a Certificate to sell your Iraqi Dinar down the road. The answer to that is no as well. When you come back from a vacation out of the country have you ever had to show a Certificate for your Euros or Mexican Pesos you brought back? Of course not, the Dinar will be no different. A bank is going to care less what a third party company says about notes, all they are going to care about is that the Dinar is legitimate.

Wrapping up, yes it still is a good idea to by from a seller who issues a Certificate of Authenticity. It shows the dealer stands behind their product and is legally selling the Dinar, so yes you still ideally want to buy from someone who offers a COA, however a COA will not have any affect on you being able to sell your Dinar down the road, assuming they are legitimate Dinar. The photo to the right shows a Certificate of Authenticity, however different Certificates from different dealers will all look a little different and say different things.

Hope that clears up any confusion about Certificates of Authenticity as it relates to the Iraqi Dinr and Vietnam Dong.


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