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Business And Individual Life - Importance of Information Communication Technology

Updated on March 4, 2017

Path Of The World - Information Age

It is quite apparent that the inception of the Internet has catalyzed a large-scale revolution the likes of which have never been seen before. Accurately dubbed the Information Age, the sharing of knowledge and information across differing continents and cultures now occurs on an unprecedented scale like no other time in history. The way in which global society and economy are becoming increasing interlinked and closer to each other, overcoming physical barriers that previously presented a major challenge is referred to as globalization. In this age of information, there are many ways one can take advantage of the times, cooperate organizations as well as individuals, using technology to gain an advantage in the world where success is not an easy goal.

Technology In Business

Every advancement in technology can be utilized by cooperate organizations to increase productivity and hence profits.The Industrialisation Age brought about machines that replaced the traditional labour by human hands. This eliminated human needs of food and rest creating a system which was continuous and automated.

The Information Age brings about the use of information communication technologies(ICT's). This has applications for an organization's business meetings. The very act of having a business meeting through the use of electronic media through teleconferencing meant physical barriers no longer an issue. Information could be disseminated easily and quickly between coworkers through emails and instant messaging platforms. Business owners can view instant updates on the sale performance on their products and take measures to rectify any issues.

Security of business also sees a significant upgrade through the use of cameras that provide live video feed in important locations. Biometric systems make use of unique bodily physical characteristics of an individual that serve as a very secure means of identification. Access to such as system will only be granted to a person with for example a particular fingerprint or retinal pattern of blood vessels, which is similar between no two persons. Logs and databases can be used to keep track of the in and outs of employees as well as individuals with malicious intent. Vaults also see an upgrade whereby pins are used, entered into computerized locks instead of the traditional mechanical one.

In addition, there evolved the concept of Artificial Intelligence, which gives machines human-like qualities especially that of complex thought and reasoning. This is able to reduce the workload on humans by the computers taking automatic action based on stimuli, which the human would otherwise have to do manually. This adds to the complexity to tasks that can be given to computers and machines in the industry. It also increases the audience that a business can target with a particular product.

It is the companies that take the best advantage of the technology that are best poised to reach the greatest span of consumers and hence enhance productivity and profits.

IT For Individuals

We can clearly see the effect of technology on the personal life of any individual. The invention of the smartphone has substantially reduced the size of a computer that can fit in the palm of the hand. Oddly enough, this reduction in size is accompanied by the increase in computing power ability of the smartphone compared to a desktop computer. The smartphone allows us to be connected to and informed quickly about each other, as well as the ongoings that occur in the world. Apart from allowing what can be considered rampant communication between individuals, Information Technology offers other arguably, more useful, purposes.

Distance Learning

Distance Learning allows individuals to increase their academic credentials obtaining a certified educational degree without ever having to leave their homes. It makes use of Information Communication Technology that allows individuals to be taught from the comfort of their homes. It can be administered in situations when individuals have disabilities that physically prevent them from attending the university or some other problem that serves as an obstacle to the physical translocation of the individual to the educational institution.

Job Opportunities

Technology has expanded the areas of jobs both existing and available. It has made jobs accessible and available to persons of differing nationalities so much so that persons may leave their nation of origin simply for a good job opportunity. Also, new kinds of jobs have emerged such as work at home jobs where one used a computer and the internet in the comfort of their home doing jobs that consist of mainly writing excessively, such as reviews.

Physical Aids

Technology allows a person with disabilities to function to a "fair" level in a world created for the fully-abled. It has seen the creation of hearing aids, motorized wheelchairs, text-to-speech and speech-to-text software and even glasses that restore some level of sight to fully or partially blind persons.

Hearing Aids enhance the diminished ability of a hearing-impaired person, enabling them to interact with a fully-abled person to a reasonable extent. Motorized wheelchairs allow for ease of movement and physical access to lame individuals. Text-to-speech and speech-to-text allow for persons with impaired vision and disabled hands respectively to be able to easily use computers.


Technology has completely taken over the entertainment industry. We now see movies, music, games, videos and books all available at the click of a button. It is possible to choose whether to download these media and view at a later date or save storage space and watch them instantly. Most mobile devices have these abilities as well as their desktop counterparts. We see sites such as Netflix, YouTube and Facebook and now so popular that words associated with actions on these sites have been added to dictionaries. Any piece of information is literally only a few clicks(or touches) away.


Within the modern sphere to life, technology has proven to be extremely pervasive and is deeply intertwined in anything we do. Truth be told, a sudden removal of ICT's would cripple almost every aspect of modern life. It is so deeply embedded that many a time we take it for granted and forget we are now enjoying a privilege not experienced by those just a few generation ago. We have come to be extremely dependent on ICT's and they greatly enhance our capabilities in all aspects of modern life.


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    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 10 months ago from Florida

      Nice cover all the bases article... I wonder what they will call the new age, when in the not too distant future the majority of us are tied into the 'global collective' ... the internet that is more than an internet, a direct connection, accessible by thought, to a cloud/database/virtual world.