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How Is Having an Internet Marketing Plan Important

Updated on February 6, 2013

Small business owners every now and then decide to 'do internet marketing' because everyone else is doing it. Yes, but! It ain't a cash cow just doing it - it takes planning, execution, and control. So let's see how internet marketing planning matters.

Brings In Structure

Only if you know where you want to go, only then you'll know how to get there. Internet marketing planning is not just random thoughts on paper. It involves steady research - both market and competitive ones. It also requires setting marketing objectives. Then the actual internet marketing tactics how to achieve the goals you have set. And last but not least, monitor and control. As you can see, your internet marketing plan is your road map to success.

Opens Your Eyes for Great Insights

You never knew you primary competitor has problems with production costs. Or you just now realize how bad customer service your second competitor has. Or you are on the verge of finding and developing a brand new market segment. All of this (and more!) knowledge is a direct result of the research you will do when planning your internet marketing efforts for the year. You do have access to all the info - you just don’t know it yet. Marketing planning taps that informational resources and helps you be better at growing your business.


Gives You Control

When you put all steps on paper, now you have absolutely clear idea what is to be done when, what resources you need at what stage, who is responsible, what is the projected outcome, and so on. This gives you 100% control over the execution and even if there's something unforeseen (like a strike, or a currency exchange fluctuation or whatever else event you might be affected by), it will be very easy for you to react to it and control the damage because you have your internet marketing plan in hand. It still says where you need to go (your goals) and the main streets you need to take to get there (your tactics).

Introduces New Members to the Company's Values and Objectives

Hiring new personnel can be painful; training them, too. With your internet marketing plan in hand the very least you have ensured smooth transition of the marketing personnel, right? The road map is put on paper and every new team member needs to just read it and learn it to get acquainted with the company brand message, the competitive advantage, the primary promotional channels, the marketing mix and everything that brings in the big buck in your house.

Helps You Envision

When drafting your internet marketing plan on paper, you are not just practicing wishful thinking. You envision where you want to be four quarters later and draw the map of how exactly to get there. The whole team helps you plan, the whole team helps you execute, and the whole team helps you monitor, control and tweak the plan as need arises. You envision yourself and your business in the end of the year and ultimately, that is where you end up being end of the year… simply because you had an internet marketing plan and you followed it.

I am a freelance marketing consultant, primarily on oDesk, and always make sure to tell my clients not only they need an internet marketing plan but also to update it regularly. So tell me:

Do you have an internet marketing plan and how often do you update it?

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