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How Marketing Companies Can Help Your Business To Succeed

Updated on December 20, 2013

As an entrepreneur or director of a new business start-up, it is entirely plausible that you have little to no experience in the world of marketing. Even the more established SMEs can often be held back by their lack of understanding of marketing and how best to market their company and brand. Thankfully, professional marketing companies offer their services tailored exactly to your company’s needs. Here are five ways a marketing company could help your business to succeed.

1. A finger on the pulse

Employing a marketing company provides your business or start-up with access to a team of marketing experts, each striving to stay ahead of the curve in the world of marketing. These consultants and experts are constantly innovating new and effective marketing tools and techniques with the ability to place your company on the map. Access to such expertise is simply unaffordable for most young businesses and SMEs.

2. The development of a sound marketing strategy

What most marketing laymen do not appreciate is that behind every advert, press release and blog there should a carefully considered marketing strategy. The goal of the strategy is ultimately to create a brand that customers are interested in and can trust. A marketing company can help you develop this strategy and create a suitable blend of marketing techniques.

Social media, SEO and content marketing are all terms you will quickly become familiar with. At the same time, offline marketing is still very relevant despite the prominence of its online cousin. A marketing company will ensure your strategy is complete, well rounded and fitting for your company and industry.

3. Flexible contracts

As your business grows, a marketing company will be able to expand the services it offers to you and extend the scope of your marketing contract. In the event of a knock back or a particularly tight month, a flexible contract will allow you to scale back marketing operations if you feel that it is necessary to do so. This flexibility is far harder to access should your company hire its own marketing team.

4. Access to a range of analytics

Whilst Google and other marketing websites offer a range of comprehensive analytics software, a marketing company can help you understand exactly which parts of your marketing strategy are working and which parts need fine tuning. Without this expert knowledge and ability to decipher the plethora of data available on the net, it is easy to become bogged down and confused by analytics data.

5. A cost effective approach

Finally, employing a marketing company and outsourcing your marketing operations is simply far more cost effective for many SMEs and new start-ups. To access even a fraction of the same expertise, a company would need to pay a six figure salary for a permanent staff. With a marketing company, a monthly contract gives access to a whole team of experts for a fraction of the cost.

The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Marketing

Marketing is no easy task and hence many companies in the UK choose to outsource to professional marketing companies and consultants. This is particularly true of SMEs who often simply do not have the budget to hire, train and retain a competent marketing department. But what are the advantages to outsourcing your marketing operations? Is it really a cost effective way to market your business?

1. Cost

Even large companies outsource their marketing operations to a consultant on the basis of cost. Instead of the overheads involved with hiring, training and retaining a competent marketing team, as well as the costs of running the offices within which they work, outsourcing to a marketing consultant consolidates all these expenditures into one, manageable contract.

To hire and retain the expertise provided by a marketing consultant and their team, a company would have to pay two or three six figure salaries. Instead, by outsourcing the marketing operations, a company can expect to pay a significantly smaller monthly fee on a basis that suits them.

2. Time

Outsourcing also saves a company considerable amounts of time; this consequently leads to even greater monetary savings. There is no need to dedicate a significant proportion of company operations to hiring, developing and running a marketing department. Whilst, of course, there is still the need for regular correspondence between company and consultant, this is far less than what would otherwise be allocated to the logistics of developing a marketing team in-house.

3. Expertise

Quite simply, it is almost financially impossible for SMEs (and even larger companies to some extent) to access the expertise provided by a marketing consultant and their team. These are consultants with their finger on the marketing industry’s pulse who are constantly ahead of the curve. The best marketing consultants are creative, innovative and will always strive to ensure your company has access to the very latest and best marketing tools and techniques.

4. Flexibility

Finally, as your company’s requirements change, a marketing consultant will adapt and adjust their level of service to match. Instead of having to make tough decisions on hiring or releasing members of staff you simply negotiate new terms to the marketing contract. Making small changes to such a contract can ensure you fine tune the level of your company’s marketing operations rather than having to take drastic measures such as taking or letting go employees.

To summarise, outsourcing your marketing operations to a marketing consultant will be benefit your company on a number of fronts. The cost savings can be dramatic, you will free up company time, you are able to access the very best and latest techniques in marketing and the flexibility provided to your company is simply unattainable when marketing in house. The decision is yours.


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