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How Metal Nameplates Are Used by Various Businesses

Updated on December 13, 2013
Metal Nameplates
Metal Nameplates

People may not realize this off the bat but quite a huge number of businesses actually use metal nameplates for their varied needs. These plates sometimes pass notice simply because people see these every day, these however are found almost everywhere and are used for quite a number of things. Some of the uses are for inventory and tracking needs, others are for marketing and advertising needs and still a few more are used for branding.

Metal nameplates are often used when ordinary labels and tags are not enough. This is because of a number of factors, like where the item is to be used, or whether it will be exposed to the elements. Since metal tags are durable enough to withstand certain conditions, such as changing weather and harsh chemicals, these are often used by industries that see their equipment and products exposed to such things. To help you see what these many different metal nameplates are and where these are often used, here is a list of a few of them.

Model and Serial Plate
Model and Serial Plate

List of Metal Nameplates Various Industries Use

Model and Serial Plates – this is a metal nameplate used by many different businesses and usually by those in the manufacturing industry. These tags carry the product’s model number and serial number, sometimes even the date of manufacture. Model and serial plates can be seen attached to items like appliances, machinery and even vehicles. You can also see these attached to instruments and heavy equipment like tractors. You can even see these on smaller equipment like lawnmowers and such.

Warning and Instructional Plates – these are used for telling people to be careful about the use of certain equipment and machinery that may present some danger to them. These plates usually carry warnings about such dangers, telling people to take care since the items they are about to use pose a serious threat to life and limb. These plates can also be used to instruct people on the proper use of such items, with instructions sometimes listed on these plates in steps. You may also find reminders about certain procedures that need to be done before a piece of equipment or machinery can be used safely and properly.

Decorative Trim Plates – these are essentially multi-purpose plates that can be customized to fit whatever needs you may have. Whether these are for marketing needs, labeling needs, branding needs or what-have-you, you can be sure that these are ideal for your specific requirements. These can be cut in whatever shapes and sizes that you require, making them ideal for use with just about anything. You can use these for tagging purposes, for marketing needs and even for special uses like name tags for special events and the like.

Barcodes and UID Plates
Barcodes and UID Plates

Bar Code and UID Plates – these metal nameplates are used by numerous entities for their tracking needs, among other things. These are also used for POS requirements, with the barcodes and UID codes being used to expedite not only the conclusion of a sale but also the keeping of records. Since these codes are machine readable, these make quick work of tracking which items got sold, which items are still in stock and which ones are not selling as quickly as expected. These can also be used for tracking needs, with the barcodes and the UID codes enabling users to determine if items are missing from your stock or not.

Schematic Plates – metal plates that carry diagrams of circuitry, factory processes and how parts connect to one another are called schematics. Sometimes called schematic plates, these metal nameplates can be seen attached to electronic devices, machinery, heavy equipment and even near machines that are connected to one another. The importance of these plates is in how they show people how the circuits of such equipment or items work, how certain parts connect to one another and what makes for the safe operation of such machines. These are used for either troubleshooting or for safety reasons.

Inventory and Asset Tags – while most companies normally use these in label form, a number of industries require inventory and asset tags to be made out of metal. This is due to the extreme circumstances of the items or equipment these are used on. For example, if an item is used in high heat, labels can easily deteriorate. Metal nameplates won’t. This helps ensure that when time comes for inventory and asset tracking, the asset tags used on these items are intact.


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