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How Much Money Can You Make on eBay?

Updated on March 13, 2011

Selling Full Time on eBay

When I sold on eBay full time, my business expanded rapidly and I had two employees assisting with the business. I also sold on, a site owned by eBay. For income reporting purposes, I am lumping the sales from both of these sites together. Both sites are similar and both are owned by the same company.

At the height of my full-time eBay sales, by profits, after paying for inventory and two employees, was about $8,000 per month. It was a fast-growing business that took up far too much of my time, however, and I decided to downsize it all. I didn't like the hustle and bustle of employees large amounts of inventory and extreme work hours. There were weeks that I worked 90+ hours to keep it all running. I sold mostly books, toys and clothing at the time.

Without employees to help out and keeping the business small enough to be managed by me without working excessive hours, I made about $3,500 per month selling on eBay full time. The items sold most often were media items, such as movies, books and games, as well as estate sale items that included linens, figurines and other small collectible.

Selling on eBay Part Time

During most of my eBay years, I have sold part time as a fun and flexible part of my income. For the past three years I have kept my eBay sales to between two and 10 hours per week, averaging about five hours per week. During this time I have found that I make a very steady $17 to $20 an hour selling on eBay. it remains the same during every part of the year and through just about anything I sell. I tend to make a little less selling clothes and a little more selling books, DVDs and collectibles, creating the average that is so steady.

While this may not be enough to get rich from, it does provide a steady income from home that can be scaled up or down, depending on how much time you want to devote to eBay selling. It's always there, ready to help you make money online when you have unexpected bills, a layoff or you just want some extra income. 

What You Can Make on eBay

What you can make on eBay will likely mirror my numbers if you stick to the business, take it seriously and devote regular hours to your home business. eBay sales aren't easy money, but they are steady money. If you start with my eBay book above, you can get a complete look at where to get items, how to store them, how to list them and how to create that steady income. 


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