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How NOT to get selected for a Saros Research paid market research event

Updated on June 9, 2011

We’ve written before about how to maximise your chances of successfully applying to take part in paid focus groups across the UK with Saros Research Ltd. But just to present the opposing point of view, for anyone who really doesn’t like the idea of getting paid for discussing their opinions and consumer feedback, here are some top tips for NOT getting picked…

  • Don’t set your email filters to accept mail from, or That way all invitations will route straight to your junk folders and you’ll never see them.
  • Don’t tell Saros (by emailing when you change your email address, or move to another city. Then they can invite you to completely irrelevant events
  • Be sure to create multiple registrations with Saros with slightly different details, as though you are trying to game the system and take part in more events than you are eligible for.

  • When you receive an invitation to apply for an event, make sure you skim through the questionnaire, not bothering to answer every question, or answering in a way that makes it obvious you have rushed through it because the answers are simply not consistent and contradict one another.
  • For even more guaranteed application failure, it’s important to rush the screening questionnaire so badly that you tick the wrong box or give the wrong answer by mistake – that way Saros can eliminate your contribution from the start, because you don’t appear to meet the criteria, or else they can waste your time calling you about your XXXX mobile phone when actually you’ve got a YYYY mobile phone instead….
  • Another great tip with screening questionnaires is to try and guess what they’re really after and modify your answers to fit.  To really cover yourself, have several attempts at submitting the application with wildly varying responses...
  • Don’t be available when the Saros interviewer tries to ring you back because you look like the one person they are urgently looking for.  In fact if you really want to wind the interviewer up, try giving a home landline number only, especially one with no voicemail activated, or ignoring their messages
  • No-show an event you have been selected for, if you want to be really certain of not being invited again.  Wasting the researcher’s time, the venue’s time, and that of the clients is definitely very effective.
  • Be rude to the Saros interviewers and administrators if you are not selected to take part in an event you were keen on, or why not simply send them abusive emails.  This is a really excellent way to get yourself de-prioritised for the future.
  • Make sure you are not a real whole person, who tells the truth about your life, occupation, and research involvement, and doesn’t hold genuinely useful and valuable opinions, that can shape the future of products and services you use every day. 

Saros Research needs real people across the UK, from every background, lifestage, occupation, area and age, who are interested in contributing their views to shape the brands and applications of the future.  Don’t forget to register with Saros Research to receive invitations in your area.


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    • profile image

      martellawintek 5 years ago

      hello again kevin if your still in need of them i think this is the link

      and details , just give them a call ,just say m winteks recommened yous


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